COLOUR CHART PG APPROVED PAINT COLOURS: PG APPROVED PAINT COLOURS (to be used on minor proportions only) White Garnet CODE PG001 PG018 PG APPROVED PAINT COLOURS CODE Guadeloupe Sombrero Cobbler Beige Pebble Beach Mayan Stone Picasso Rothco Castle gate Strictly Silver PG006 PG016 PG010 PG020 PG019 PG004 PG013 PG14-4 PG140-2 Plascon wall & all colors (all the Below colors to be used on minor proportions only) Garden Lake Rhine Castle Plattsville Charcoal Grey Dirty Khaki Corinthian Pillar Geneva Morn Plascon wall & all colors Dundas Ageless Hollyhock Wishing Well Fresh Linen Antique pewter Colours/Exterior Coatings:  Only colours included in the PGCC colour code may be used.  Colours White, Garnet, Garden Lake, Rhine Castle, Plattsville, Charcoal Grey, Dirty Khaki, Corinthian Pillar & Geneva Morn may only be used on minor proportions e.g. window reveals, feature columns etc. of a building and may not be the dominant colour of a building.  Umhlotaan Green may only be used by the Homeowners’ Association and may not be used on any of the buildings on individual subdivisions.  The use of colour oxide in plaster is not permitted. The exterior colors that can be used at Prince’s Grant were specifically developed for the Estate by Plascon Paints South Africa in consultation with the Developer and the architectural panel. These colours are intended to engender an African ambience on the Estate. Homeowners are however not required to purchase exclusively from Plascon but may purchase matching colours from other paint suppliers. Roof Colours Colors are confined to a range of gray from a light off-white through to charcoal gray. Colour finishes may be powder coated or painted with good quality paint.

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