Regulations on Industrial Safety and Health •Maternal Law: Labor Safety and Health Law •Subsidiary laws and regulations: more than 40 kinds •Applicable to all industries Regulations on the Prevention of Haza rdous Substances Regulations pertaining to hazardous m achinery and equipment Regulations applicable to specific in dustries Regulations on fire prevention and re scue 化工安全概論 Regulations applicable to all ind ustries •For example (list a few)                 Rules for Labor Safety and Sanitation Facilities Rules for Labor Safety and Health Education and Training Labor Safety WHO Management and Automatic Inspection Measures for the Implementation of Labor Working Environment Measurement Permissible Concentration Standard of Hazardous Substances in Air of Labor W orking Environment Labor Safety Rules for High Pressure Gases Standard for High Pressure Gas Safety and Sanitation Facilities General Rules for Dangerous and Hazardous Substances Labor Inspection Law Measures for Review and Inspection of Hazardous Workplaces 化工安全概論 Regulations on the Prevention of Hazardous Su bstances Prevention Rules of Organic Solven t Poisoning Rules for prevention of lead poiso ning Prevention Rules of Tetraalkyl Lea d Poisoning Prevention of specific chemical ha zards Standards for prevention of dust h azards Hypoxia Prevention Rules 化工安全概論 Regulations on Hazardous Machinery and Equip ment Safety Rules for Boilers and Pressure Ves sels Standard for Boiler and Pressure Vessel M anufacturing Facilities Safety Rules for Lifting Equipment Management Rules of Inspection Agency for Hazardous Machinery or Equipment Charge Standard for Inspection Agency of Hazardous Machinery or Equipment 化工安全概論 Industry-specific regula tions Standards for Building Safe and Sanitary Faciliti es Rules for Safety and Sanitation Facilities in For est Farm Standard for Safety and Sanitation Facilities for Disintegration of Old Ships Standard for safety and sanitation facilities for oil tanker clearance Standard for safety and sanitation facilities for loading and unloading of wharfs Standard for Safety and Sanitation Facilities in Firecracker and Fireworks Manufacturing Industry Mine sanitation standard Labor Safety Rules for Ship Clearance and Disinte gration 化工安全概論 Fire Prevention and Rescue Regul ations Fire Law Rules for the Implementation of Fire Law Standards for Fire Safety Equipment Setting in Variou s Places Safety Management Measures for Public Dangerous Goods and High Pressure Gases Safety Management Measures for Oil Depots and Gas Sta tions 化工安全概論 Safety Health Organization and Management of Pu blic Institutions Organizations include: the Labor Safety and Health Commission with the nature of consultation and research; and the Labor Safe ty and Health Management Unit with business operations. Personnel include: Director of Labor Safety and Health Service s; Labor Safety Manager; Labor Health Manager; Labor Safety and Health Manager. Processing matters: Work disaster prevention plan; Labor safet y and health management of various departments; Inspection and i nspection of facilities; Inspection, regular inspection, determi nation of working environment; Education and training; Health in spection and management; Disaster investigation and statistics; Related information management and suggestions, etc. 化工安全概論 Safety and health education and t raining •It is necessary to educate and train the safet y and health personnel, relevant operation supe rvisors, dangerous machinery and equipment oper ators, special operators and general operators. •Business Supervisors (Class A Employee Number 61100; Class B 100 Employee Number 6130; Class C Employee Number < 30): 41, 33, 13 hours of tr aining, the training content is also standardiz ed. •Category A Business Manager: Employers can be qualified as Labor Safety (Health) Managers or Managers. 化工安全概論 Education and Training of Operators of Hazard ous Equipment •For example, boiler operators:     •Class B boiler (heat transfer area 50 - 500 m2) 105 hours •Class C boiler (heat transfer area less than 50 m2) 65 hours •60 hours for the first pressure vessel •High Pressure Gas Specific Equipment 60 Hours •Certainly pass the examination 化工安全概論 Security Education and Training for Genera l Staff Emergency workers in the workplace sho

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