@ PPT Demonstration Hou pure share This is a course. Egg drop [l] [d n] After that There was a big wave of private questions from friends. How to Paint with PPT Can I give you a tutorial on how to draw? Course!It's better to be high.(Well, the main reason is that we don't have time.) Therefore We made a decision. Introduction This is a Course Maybe Only this episode End up Official Start of Egg Felling First split The figure is actually made up of several elements. chart In fact, this is the case. Spoon Edge of spoon Spoon highlight element Shadowed Gradual Yolk Highlighting Elements in Gradual Egg Yolk Gradual yolk base soft light Talk about how to do it It's just a gradient setting. If you can't see clearly, please view the big picture automatically. Spoon 1. Draw shapes from arbitrary polygons 2. Right-click edit vertex set to curve segment 3. Gradual filling direction fills four groups of gray-scale colors in turn to the right R:255 1 2 G:255 R:222 3 G:226 B:255 B:229 R:195 R:135 G:195 B:195 4 G:135 B:135 4. The goods are also shaped by arbitrary polygons. Yolk 1. Draw a circle with the shape Ellipse Tool 2. Gradient line filling direction to the right 3. Gradient color of egg yolk is recommended using pipette tools (PPT version 2013 comes with it) R:187 R:141 1 2 G:56 3 G:92 B:19 B:24 R:150 R:227 G:50 B:7 4 G:155 B:49 4. Select the circle and set the shadow parameters as follows 5. This highlight is actually a shape drawn by any polygon. You will find it so simple to draw this picture. 6. Background Luminescence Copies a Graded Circle Design Luminescence Softening Edge Parameters as follows Other elements Edge of spoon It's actually a gradient line. We've done it all before. That's too easy. Let's play it freely

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