Mr. Victor Wellington Mayor Metlakatla Indian Community P.O. Box 8 Metlakatla, AK 99926 Ms. Nancy Nelson Acting President Native Village of Afognak 204 E Rezanof Drive, Suite 100 Kodiak, AK 99615 Dr. Gordon Pullar President Lesnoi Village P. 0. Box 9009, 3248 Mill Bay Road Kodiak, AK 99615 Mr. Al Cratty Jr. Tribal President Village of Old Harbor P.O. Box 62 Old Harbor, AK 99643 Ms. Sadie Spargur President Native Village of Kanatak 702 W. 32nd Avenue, Suite 100 Anchorage, AK 99503 Mr. Robert Katelnikoff President Native Village of Ouzinkie 216 3rd Street, P.O. Box 130 Ouzinkie, AK 99644 Mr. Robert Polasky Tribal Administrator Sun'aq Tribe of Kodiak 312 W. Marine Way Kodiak, AK 99615 Ms. Denise May President Native Village of Port Lions P.O. Box 69, 2006 Airport Rd. Port Lions, AK 99550 Ms. Luba Eluska President Kaguyak Village P.O. Box 5078 Akhiok, AK 99615 Mr. Jack Wick President Native Village of Larsen Bay P.O. Box 50 Larsen Bay, AK 99624 Mr. Rollin Amodo President Native Village of Akhiok P.O. Box 5030 Akhiok, AK 99615 Ms. Gail Alstrom/Beans President Yupiit of Andreafski P.O. Box 88 St. Mary's, AK 99658 Ms. Alicia Lynn Reft President Native Village of Karluk P.O. Box 22 Karluk, AK 99608 Mr. Joseph Post President Native Village of Nightmute P.O. Box 90021 Nightmute, AK 99690 BIA Alaska Recognized Tribes 1 2006 Contact List Mr. Franklin Napoleon President Native Village of Paimiut P.O. Box 230 Hooper Bay, AK 99604 Mr. Moses Owen Chief Akiak Native Community P.O. Box 52127 Akiak, AK 99552 Mr. Stan Jimmy President Emmonak Village P.O. Box 126 Emmonak, AK 99581 Mr. Levi Hoover President Native Village of Kasigluk P.O. Box 19 Kasigluk, AK 99609 Mr. Nicholas Boots President Village of Ohogamiut P.O. Box 49 Marshall, AK 99585 Mr. Max Agayar President Village of Alakanuk P.O. Box 149 Alakanuk, AK 99554 Mr. Ignati Jacob President Oscarville Traditional Village P.O. Box 6129 Napaskiak, AK 99559 Mr. Charlie Paul President Native Village of Kipnuk P.O. Box 57 Kipnuk, AK 99614 Mr. Wayne Morgan President Village of Aniak P.O. Box 176 Aniak, AK 99557 Mr. Edger Hoelsher Tribal Chief Native Billage of Hooper Bay P.O. Box 69 Hooper Bay, AK 99604 Mr. Joe Bobby President Lime Village P.O. Box LVD Lime Village, AK 99627 Mr. Roland Andrew President Native Village of Kongiganak P.O. Box 5069 Kongiganak, AK 99559 Mr. Philip Peter Sr. Chairman & CEO Akiachak Native Community P.O. Box 51070 Akiakchak, AK 99551 Mr. Reynold Okitkun President Village of Kotlik P.O. Box 20210 Kotlik, AK 99620 BIA Alaska Recognized Tribes 2 2006 Contact List Mr. George Williams President Native Village of Mamilton P.O. Box 20248 Kotlik, AK 99620 Mr. Nick Andrews President Native Village of Marshall P.O. Box 110 Marshall, AK 99585 Mr. Daniel Olrun Sr. President Native Village of Mekoryuk P.O. Box 66 Mekoryuk, AK 99630 Ms. Ruth Riley President Native Village of Pitka’s Point P.O. Box 127 St. Mary’s, AK 99658 Mr. Owen Lewis President Native Village of Kwigilliingok P.O. Box 49 Kwigillingok, AK 99622 Mr. James Landlord First Chief Asa’carsarmiut Tribe P.O. Box 32249 Mountain Village, AK 99632 Mr. Moses Carl President Newtok Village P.O. Box 5545 Newtok, AK 99559 Mr. Evan Evan President Native Village of Goodnews Bay P.O. Box 3 Goodnews Bay, AK 99589 Ms. Phillis Evan President Village of Lower Kalskag P.O. Box 27 Lower Kalskag, AK 99626 Ms. Marcie Sherer President Native Village of Papaimute P.O. Box 1301 Bethel, AK 99559 Mr. Glenn Fredericks President Village of Lower Kalskag P.O. Box 27 Lower Kalskag, AK 99626 Mr. Jacob Black President Native Village of Napakiak P.O. Box 34069 Napakiak, AK 99634 Mr. Henry Williams President Native Village of Georgetown 1400 Virginia Court Anchorage, AK 99501 Mr. Chris Larson President Native Village of Napaskiak P.O. Box 6009 Napaskiak, AK 99559 BIA Alaska Recognized Tribes 3 2006 Contact List Mr. Martin Andrew President Organized Village of Kwethluk P.O. Box 130 Kwethluk, AK 99621 Mr. Wassillie Myers President Pilot Station Traditional Village P.O. Box 5119 Pilot Station, AK 99650 Mr. Joseph Henry President Nunakauqarmiut Tribe P.O. 37048 Toksook Bay, AK 99637 Mr. Pius Hoover President Chuloonawick Native Village P.O. Box 245 Emmonak, AK 99581 Mr. Pete Mellick President Village of Sleetmute P.O. Box 109 Sleetmute, AK 99668 Mr. Moses Pavilla Sr. President Village of Atmautluak P.O. Box 6568 Atmautluak, AK 99559 Ms. Annie Lou Williams President Village of Kalskag P.O. Box

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