Reference to the Science Popularization of Network Security Knowledge 1. Selection 1. Which of the following actions may cause the computer to be installed Trojan Horse Program () A. Browsing information on the security website B. Discovering that there is an unfamiliar email in the mailbox, downloading the attachment C in the email after anti-virus, giving priority to the safer green website D. Search and download can see free of charge all the episodes of Chang'an Twelve Hours Player Reference Answer: D.Answer analysis: Be sure to download the player in the regular application store, do not install players from unknown sources, to prevent computers from being installed Trojan Horse program.2. Which of the following does not fall within the scope of personal information () A. Personal identity document B. Telephone number C. Personal book D. Family address reference answer: C Answer Analysis: Personal information refers to information that can be recorded electronically or in combination with other information to identify a particular natural person's identity or reflect the activities of a particular natural person. Personal books belong to the category of personal books.For private property, it does not belong to the category of personal information.3. The state is responsible for coordinating the work of network security and related supervision and management.A. Public Security Department B. Network Information Department C. Industry and Information Technology Department D Communications Management Department Reference Answer: B Answer Analysis: Article 50 of the "Network Security Law" stipulates that the national network information department and relevant departments shall perform the supervision and management of network information security according to law.4. Regarding the mechanism of canceling App, it is incorrect that () A. The channel of canceling App is open and can be used. There is a more obvious mechanism of canceling entrance B. Account canceling should be concise and easy to understand. C. Checking and checking links should be moderate and reasonable, and operation should be convenient. D. Can't find the entry of canceling App. Contact customer service cancelling and do not give a reference answer: App users should set up the answer: D.Reasonable cancellation conditions, in line with user habits.5. The following practices about personal information protection are incorrect: (1) A. Publish train tickets, airplane tickets, passports, photos, schedules, whereabouts, etc. B. In public places such as libraries, print shops, or use other people's mobile phones to log in, do not choose to save passwords automatically, and remember to exit when leaving.C. Download Apps from common app stores, not from strange, unknown app stores, website pages.D. Fill in questionnaires, scan two-dimensional code registration as far as possible do not use real personal information.Reference Answer: A Answer Analysis: It is not advisable to release train tickets, airplane tickets, passports, photos, schedules, whereabouts on social software, which may cause personal information leakage.On Tuesday, September 17, 2019, at 9:15:50 a.m. [Information] Shenzhen - 1808963806, 2019/9/17, Tuesday, 9:15:50 a.m. [Information] Shenzhen - 18089638069, 2019/09/1709:15:506. In order to avoid personal information leakage, the following is correct (): A. Tear up the face sheet on the express box B. Put the face sheet in the recyclable garbage C. Tear down the face sheet and put it into the dry garbage classification.The above practices can refer to the answer: A Answer Analysis: Because personal information is on the courier bill, whether the express box is put directly into the trash can or torn down the courier bill, it is possible to leak personal information in the classification of dry garbage.7. App is correct in applying for permission to collect personal information.A. Should synchronously inform the purpose of collection and use B. Use it directly as well as C. Default user consent D. Promote user's reference answer in secret or difficult-to-find locations: A Answer Analysis: "Just use it directly", "Default user consent" and "Promote user in secret or difficult-to-find locations" all have the problems of concealing the true purpose and not respecting user's right to know.8. What kinds of information are the ID number, personal biometric information, communication records and contents, and health phys

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