University of Utah UNION PROGRAMMING COUNCIL Student Member Position APPLICATION for ARTS & SPECIAL EVENTS ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR POSITION 2021-2022 Name:_______________________________________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________________________________ Evening Telephone:__________________________ Daytime Telephone:_______________________ Student ID#:________________________________ E-Mail:__________________________________ Major:_____________________________________ Cumulative G.P.A.:________________________ Status:  Freshman  Sophomore  Junior  Senior  Graduate Student 1. Please attach a resume that includes the following:  Related employment  Leadership experiences at the University  Community service  Honors, awards, and achievements  Other information you feel will be useful to the Selection Committee 2. Please attach a cover letter that explains:  Your reasons for applying  Goals you want to achieve through/for this specific board  What you offer to your Board through your participation  What you see this Board accomplishing this coming year 3. Application must be submitted online by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 15, 2021. Late applications will not be accepted. 4. Interviews will be held the week of October 18th. You will be contacted to schedule an interview time after you submit your completed application. On returning this signed application, you grant permission to the Union Board to verify that you are an enrolled student, making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree, and maintaining a satisfactory G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher, have earned no more than 150 undergraduate (50 graduate) credit hours, and are in good standing with the University upon signing this applications. With your signature of acceptance, the University Student Records Office may be contacted each semester to verify your enrollment and academic performance. ______________________________________ ___________________ Signature of Applicant Date 1 Associate Director Responsibilities Expectations: Union Programming Council members are expected to be role models and leaders on the University of Utah Campus. Each member should conduct themselves in a professional manner and treat others with respect. All board members are expected to support Union Programming Council events by attending as many as possible. Obligations:          Attend all weekly board meetings Commit to at least four office hours per week Work closely with the other Directors and Associate Directors to fulfill responsibilities Attend UPC events put on by other boards Attend and volunteer at all Crimson Nights. If unable to attend you must notify Executive Director as well as your Director at least two weeks in advance. Attend a minimum of two UPC service events per semester. Attend all UPC General meetings. If unable to attend you must notify Executive Director as well as your Director at least two weeks in advance. Fullfill any other tasks and responsibilities assinged by either your Director or the Executive Director Collaborate with other boards within the Union Programming Council Arts & Special Events Board The Arts and Special Events Board is dedicated to building community in the Union through all kinds of fun, interactive, artistic themed events. Their main goal is to plan and coordinate interactive events to include everyone on campus. Tasks and responsibilities include booking vendors, as well as planning and organizing a minimum of four events per semester. Previous Programs  Oktoberfest  UPC Loves U  National Food Days  Earth Day Event If you would like more information regarding the responsibilities and tasks of the Associate Director position please feel free to reach out to Ashlee Christofferson at 2

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