July 2021 doc.: IEEE 802.11-21/1204r1 IEEE P802.11 Wireless LANs Minutes of the IEEE P802.11 Full Working Group Date: 2021-07-23 Author(s): Name Stephen McCann Company Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Address Southampton, UK Phone email stephen.mccann@ieee.org Abstract This document constitutes the minutes of the IEEE 802.11 full working group for the July 2021 meeting. Please note that all affiliations at this meeting are shown in Annex A. Minutes page 1 Stephen McCann, Huawei July 2021 doc.: IEEE 802.11-21/1204r1 IEEE 802.11 Plenary Meeting – Session #188 July 12th – 20th, 2021 IEEE 802.11 Opening Plenary, Monday July 12th 2021 Presiding chair: Dorothy Stanley (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) opened the meeting at 09:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and declared quorum for the session. 2nd Vice-chair (VC2): 1st Vice-chair (VC1): Secretary: Robert Stacey Jon Rosdahl Stephen McCann Intel Corporation Qualcomm Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd There are 467 voting members and 11 Ex Officio voters of IEEE 802.11* There were 455 people present in the meeting. *who ask to be recognized as such in the 802.11 voters list. 1. Notices (11-21-0931r0 slide #3) 1.1. Chair: Please note the information about the meeting decorum. 1.2. Are there any members of the press present? 1.2.1. None. 1.3. IEEE Staff present 1.3.1. Christy Bahn 2. Approve/modify working group agenda (11-21-0930r3) 2.1. This is a summary of the meeting today. Please note the schedule for this session on the separate tab “Schedule”. 2.2. Chair: I suggest we approve this agenda. 2.3. Comment (C): TGbb would like to release their slot on Friday. 2.4. Chair: ok. 2.5. Move to approve the agenda 11-21-0930r3 for the Monday opening plenary 2.5.1. Moved: Marc Emmelmann, 2nd: Ian Sherlock 2.5.2. No objection to approving by unanimous consent 3. May 2021 WG Minutes 3.1. Move to approve the May 2021 WG minutes document 11-21-0674r1 3.2. Moved: Stephen McCann, 2nd: Stuart Kerry 3.3. Following neither discussion nor dissent the minutes were approved by unanimous consent. 4. New Attendees (11-21-0966r0 slide #4) 4.1. Straw Poll: 4.2. Are you a new attendee to IEEE 802.11? 4.2.1. Yes: 28, No: 149 4.3. There is a new members meeting on Tuesday July 13th at 09:00 ET. This is a useful tutorial for those new members to learn about IEEE 802.11. Minutes page 2 Stephen McCann, Huawei July 2021 doc.: IEEE 802.11-21/1204r1 4.4. Chair: You will require to attend 9 meetings this session to obtain your attendance credit. 5. Call for essential Patents (11-21-0925r1) 5.1. VC2: read out the current PatCom rules, and then called for essential patents information, as shown by: 5.2. https://development.standards.ieee.org/myproject/Public/mytools/mob/patut.pdf 5.2.1. There were no issues raised regarding the call for essential patents. 5.2.2. There was no response to the call for essential patents. 6. Participation and Attendance (11-21-0935r1) 6.1. The slides about IEEE 802 meeting participation and IEEE SA copyright were also read. 6.2. Expected participant behavior was also announced. 6.3. VC2: Please note the slide about the valid abstain response in ballots and also all voting members’ obligations to respond to ballots. 7. Announcements (11-21-0931r0) 7.1. Liaisons (slide #4) 7.1.1. Chair: There are 5 incoming liaisons:  ITU-R WP5A re: M.2121 ITS  ITU-R WP5A re: M.1801-2  ITU-R WP5A re: M.1450-5 7.1.2. These are assigned to the ITU ad hoc group  ITU-R WP 1A re: Light Communications 7.1.3. This is assigned to TGbb  ETSI BRAN re: 5GHz channel access 7.1.4. This is assigned to the Coex SC 7.2. EC and standard board decisions (slides #5 and #6) 7.2.1. Chair: The EC approved the items on the slides. 8. Logistics and Key events/activities 8.1. Working group session documents (11-21-0931r0 slide #8) 8.2. Joint meetings & reciprocal credit with IEEE 802 groups (slide #9) 8.2.1. Reminder that there are topics relevant to IEEE 802.11 to be covered in IEEE 802.18, IEEE 802.19, IEEE 802.24, NENDICA and some of the other IEEE 802 groups. 8.2.2. Reciprocal credit may also be given as indicated on the slides. 8.2.3. Chair: Please remember to record your attendance for each meeting during this session. 8.3. M3.3 Other WG meeting plans (11-21-0963r1 slide #2) 8.3.1. This slide shows information about other WG meetings, future meetings and logistics during this plenary. 8.3.2. Please use the online schedule at the IEEE 802 website for the online meeting times during this plenary. It ca

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