Upstart AGM, via Zoom 30th June 2020 Present Sue Palmer, Kate Johnson, Willie French, Carol Craig, Sarah Latto, John Frank, Jennifer Gall, Tam Baillie, David Ashford, Colin Agnew, Malcolm Baxter, Stephanie Bruce, Dawn Ewan, Karen Flynn, Yvonne Fraser, Fiona Hamilton, Alison Hawkins, Janette Hayati, Marguerite Hunter-Blair, Alison Ironside, Lynn Jamieson, Liz Johnson, Emma King, Linda Leyland, Dorothy McQueen, Loreen Pardoe, Karen Shepherd, Claire Watson, Hilary Long Apologies received from Chris Orr Minutes of Upstart Scotland AGM 2019 Agreed Chair’s Report This had been sent out prior to AGM and is available on the Upstart Scotland website. Sue Palmer talked to a slide presentation highlighting what had been achieved and where we still had work to do. She also thanked Hilary Long for her hard work over the years but is glad that she is finding the time to be the Glasgow Convener and admin on the ‘Upstart Scotland Outdoor Play 3-7' Facebook group. Sue also thanked Francesca McIntosh Walker for her time on the board and wished her well with her move north to look after her growing family. Treasurer’s Report David Ashford this year presented the accounts that go to OSCR at year end. He noted that OSCR redacted the Trustee names for data protection. Upstart’s recent activities Joint presentation from Chair and Vice Chair highlighted that training was a valuable addition to Upstart’s finances while providing access to high quality early years communicators from across the UK to enhance practitioners, teachers and other interested participants to the ethos and reasons for why Play? The ‘In the Footsteps of Giants’ conference which was postponed from March to September may need to be delivered in a different format and other ways where being explored. This idea was met with enthusiasm as virtual training sessions allow more participants and from a wider geographical area. Election of Office-Bearers and Board of Trustees As the chair began election of board, Marguerite Hunter Blair suggested that all board members who were prepared to stand again should be proposed and seconded en masse. This was accepted due to being on Zoom this year. Sue Palmer, Chair Kate Johnston, Vice Chair/Secretary David Ashford, Treasurer Board Members Willie French, Tam Baillie, Carol Craig, Sarah Latto and Professor John Frank (proposed by Marguerite Hunter Blair and seconded by Loreen Pardoe) The Chair asked if any members wished to stand and Dawn Ewan was proposed by Fiona Hamilton, stating that Dawn welcomes children up to age 7 into her outdoor nursery in Aberdeenshire and was seconded by Kate Johnston. Dawn Ewan was welcomed on to the board. Discussion of the way forward in the post-lockdown period Nurseries - guidance is still unclear. - still don’t know if planning for bubbles or social distancing for children. - need additional staff to manage not viable with the funding for PVI’s at present. - outdoor nursery planning for 2:8 ratio which is 1/2 normal ratio and able to use volunteers. - free flow nursery talked about toileting removing 1 staff member, can no longer go off-site but with proper funding 1:4 would benefit children. - the group ‘2020 Together (We Can)’ which supports PVI’s has grown to 200 members and a spokesperson reported that during pandemic they had not had bubbles, but staff were stressed although continuing to do an amazing job. Play Scotland are working with Dundee LA to put together a transition pack. Primary Schools - primary head teacher suggested that this was an opportunity to drive forward the positives of outdoor learning and play. - agreed we should be focusing on the positives in how we can deliver education and childcare during this pandemic. - still lacking information as to how to manage 2 year olds in the context of a small primary and nursery on one site. - lack of guidance for school has inhibited forward planning for schools. - guidance for Hubs/ Schools/ Nurseries needs sorting – plea for blog contributions from Upstart. Overarching concerns raised: - still a lack of understanding about what the Early Years does! Need to help everyone understand how important it is. - Alan Sinclair has written a report on the need for highly intensive support for lots of children missing their developmental milestones. - outdoors safest place to be. - concern re lack of Child Development in initial teacher education - don’t want to revert to old practices, want to change for the better! Date of next AGM June 2021 an

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