TEAM ENTRY PACK Introduction Welcome to the Basketball England National Basketball League! Whether you are a new club or a veteran entrant of the past 10 season we are delighted to have you part of our competitions this season. This document has been created to help clubs with all the administration required to guide their team/s through a successful NBL campaign. The NBL provides performance-based club competitions that are available for senior and junior age groups across England. There are three tiers for age group competitions and multiple tiers at the senior level competition. These leagues assist in the development of the game and act as a stepping-stone into the more performance-based competitions. The aims and objectives of the NBL Competitions are to:  Offer competitive fixtures and leagues across the country for all junior age groups and senior competitions, for both male and female participants.  To increase and improve the quality of the players, coaches, and clubs in England.  To develop, increase and improve the quality of match officials.  To increase the awareness of basketball across the country.  To provide a competitive environment for talented players that are a part of the Basketball England Performance Pathway. The information contained in this document including details of membership and licence fees as well as notable rules & regulations are reviewed every season and therefore are subject to change. If you have any further questions on the contents of this pack then please get in touch with us via the contact details found at the end of document. Don’t forget to complete the new team checklist at the end of this pack and return it to Membership & Licences In order to participate in NBL competitions, all individuals must an affiliated Basketball England member and apply for a licence that reflects the role they will be fulfilling for the season. All membership and licence fee’s for both senior and junior competitions are listed below: *Please note, membership and licence fees are subject to change each season. NBL LICENCE FEES (includes membership) NBL COMPETITION LICENCE (includes membership) LICENCE TYPE Senior Player NATIONALITY National Non-National Under 20 Player National Non-National Players 18 and under Coach All Bench Personnel All Referee Table Official Statistician All All All CATEGORY NBL – All Divisions NBL – All Divisions NBL – All Divisions NBL - All Divisions Under 18 Under 16 Under 14 Under 12 Senior team Under 18 team All Senior NBL games Junior NBL games Senior NBL games Junior NBL games Senior NBL games FEE £45.00 £515.00 £40.00 £40.00 £18.50 £18.50 £18.50 £18.50 £50.00 £30.00 £23.75 £55.00 £21.75 £38.00 £21.75 £38.00 Note: A FIBA fee will be added to any competition licences (if applicable). Regulations Summary The below information details the most useful and most frequently queried rules & regulations regarding participation in NBL competitions. It is important to note that there are many more rules than the ones covered in this pack so if you are ever unsure on something please check the rules and regulations document or contact a member of the Basketball England team before taking any further action. The rules for senior and junior leagues differ in some areas so it is important to familiarise yourself with the rules that are relevant to the competition your team will be entering into. All additional information can be found in the NBL regulations for the 2021/22 season via this link. Governance Affiliations – All clubs participating must ensure they are affiliated to Basketball England, clubs can do this by paying the affiliation fee on the membership portal – (£45 Junior Club, £60 Senior Club) Team Names – All team names must include a specific geographical location (the county, city, or town where the team/venue is based). A nickname can also be included (Rockets, Magic etc). Finance – All clubs must display adequate levels of finance to enable it to perform in all respects in a manner that us consistent with its status. The information in the Fees and Finances section will help clubs with forecasting how much it will cost to participate in NBL competitions. Fees & Finances *The fees listed below are subject to change season on season. Team Entry Fees DESCRIPTION COST Division One Men (inc. Cup & Trophy where eligible) Division Two Men (inc. National Cup) Division Three Men (inc. National Cup) Division

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