Programme Annual Recognition of Achievement for the 2019 Academic Year Annual Recognition of Achievement Function for the 2019 Academic Year, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria DH vanPrize SSLR Zyl Prize BComstudent Best Law IIIinstudent Romanwith Lawthe 120 highest (ROMweighted 120) average in all the prescribed BCom Law III modules, provided that the student passed all the prescribed modules at the first attempt Bethany Foxton Amy Lynn Prize Pawson RW Africa Awards, Prizes and Recipient(s) – 2019 Academic Year Carpe Prize FaskenDiem Footprint Prize Best student in Public Law 320 (PBL 320) Supersport Prize Dean's Award First year student for the four year LLBthat degree programme withaccording the highest weighted Student who meetsregistered the requirements of Fasken include being Black to the Adams & Adams Prize average in thein prescribed first year modules Prishni Chetty Employment Best Equity Sports Act Law and 420 having (SRR successfully 420) completedachievement his/her second yearthe of the BA LLB For thestudent graduate outstanding during Student with thewith highest weightedundergraduate average in theacademic prescribed modules during all fourfour-year years of the Law/BCom Law/LLB studies within two years and obtained an average of 70% or above for both degree Phokwane Makhubela LLB degree programme, Stephanus Nortjé Rudolph Jansen Prize provided that the student was registered for the four year LLB degree and years of study. The prize winner must be actively involved in community engagement projects and completed the degree within the minimum period of four years Roxanne Westphal Chief Justice Floating Trophy and Prize Trust must portray leadership Best student inFLH LandRumpff andskills. Land Reform 420by (GHR 420) Teresa Lister Prize and Trophy donated Atterbury Roxanne Westphal Best prize student Public Law 410 is and 420 (PBL 410most and 420) Tbc This andintrophy/sculpture awarded to the multitalented female student who has Final year LLB students on the Dean’s Merit List for outstanding Arthur Channon Inc Prize completed her third year of LLB studies Roberto Lopes Barreiro Grotius Medal South African Society for Labour Law Prize academic achievement Best Tbc student in Family Law 121 (FMR 121) Cliffe Dekker Inc the Prize Final student year student highest weighted average in all theRoberto final yearBarreiro LLB modules, provided Best Labour with Law 410 (ABR 410) Bianca BaltLLBinHofmeyr Tatum-Lee Barnard Felix le Roux that the student passed all the prescribed modules at the first attempt. UNESCO Africa Chair in Education Law Best in Specific Contracts 220 (KTHPrize 220) Hirokistudent Malachizodok Mpolokeng Simon Botha Colette Butler Chantel Carreira ABSA Legal Services Prize Roxanne Westphal Best student in Law of Education 420 (ONR 420) Christopher South AfricanWilliamson Society for Labour Justin Law Prize Cama Coetzee de 320) Wet Kirsten Dempsey Best student in Payment Methods 320 (VHD Haasbroek Madalane & Boezaart Prize Tlhologelo Cliffestudent Dekker PrizeLaw) Best inHofmeyr the LLM Inc (Labour Devan Falconer Jodiprogramme Hardy Matthew Ilsley Daniella Ghillino Best studentofinPretoria Law of Succession (ERF 222) University LawProtection Clinic 222 Prize and Best student in Consumer 220König (VBBFloating 220) Trophy Maretha Mattheus Carmen Jordan Catharina Krüger Bliss Prize donated by MacRobertJade Attorneys Samantha Whelan Top achiever in the Practical Law (PRR 400) Bianca Coetzer Savage Jooste & Adams Kelsey Lorentz Mabila Daniela Best student in Civil Procedure 400 Chigo (SIP 400) or Best student in Civil Procedure 410Meireles and 420Dias Harold van Galasko Prize Jarrod der Heever Couzyn, Hertzog & HorakDispute Attorneys Prize Best student in420) Alternative Resolution (AGF 420) (shared) Malachizodok Mpolokeng Jaimé Myhill Stephanus Nortjé (SIP 410 and Final year LLB student with the highest weighted average in all the prescribed final year modules, University of Pretoria Law Clinic Firm of the Year Award Best student in the LLM (Child Law) programme Chigo Mabila Aniel Opperman Paschalides Caitlin Petzer Caitlin Petzer provided that the student passed allAngela the prescribed modules at the first attempt and was registered Students participating in the Law Clinic programme who are the top firm in each academic year for the four year Maritza Breytenbach Kyle Melville Bookmark PrizeLLB degree. Kim Phillips Jessie Phyffer Brandon Pinker (shared) Roxanne Westphal De Swardt Myambo At

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