RESOURCE GROUPS ABOUND; Dan Horan 1: Models of Creation Meatlesss Mondays monday-and-plant-based-eating Interfaith Power and Light; IL, IN, WI affiliate - Earth Day: The Official Site | Earth Day.ORG Union of Concerned Scientists BOOKS Some Outstanding Authors: Jim Antal, Thomas Berry, Sally Bingham, Margaret Bullitt-Jones, Judy Cannato, Christina Figueres, Amitov Ghosh, Jane Goodall, Al Gore, Katherine Hayhoe, Dan Horan, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Barbara Kingsolver, Naomi Klein, Elizabeth Kolbert, Greta Thunberg, Anna Lappe, Joanna Macy, Sally McFague, Bill McKibben, Bill Nye, Michael Mann, Leah Shade, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Katharine Wilkinson, Robin Wall Kimmerer and many others Intersectionality FILMS Netflix is celebrating Earth Month with a brand new collection on its platform. Titled “One World, Infinite Wonder,” the new collection features over 170 titles that focus on the environment or climate change, from stand-up sets, nature documentaries, and television dramas. The launch of the collection coincides with the release of “Our Great National Parks,” a new five-part documentary series executive produced and narrated by Barack Obama. Rich resource Two Recent Films Don't Look Up ~ David Attenborough's A Life on Our Planet MORE WEBSITES, PODCASTS and TED TALKS Feedspot offers a long list of links to Podcasts. Suggestions: Climate One; Living on Earth; the Climate Question BBC David Lammy: Climate justice can't happen without racial justice ACTIONS NOW Fall in Love with Creation Check out the above websites for countless ways to take action: Personal, with Family and friends, ADVOCATE in your local community, at your state level, and at the national level. THINK LOCALLY, ACT GLOBALLY


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