ECU’S Chapter of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi – Initiates 2016-2021 NAME JOINED AS A YEAR Abbott , Karlie Abdel-Salam, Menna Abernathy, Layne Adamio, June Adams, IV, James Adams, Kristie Adams, Ryan Agarwal, Sumeet Agostino, Chloe Akhnoukh, Mina Alandt, Erika Alcock, Titus GRAD JR SR GRAD GRAD GRAD JR SR JR JR GRAD SR 4/11/2021 4/9/2017 4/9/2017 4/15/2018 4/14/2019 4/14/2019 4/15/2018 4/15/2018 4/9/2017 4/5/2020 4/5/2020 4/9/2017 Aldridge, Carson Alford, Claudia Algaradi , Mazen Ali , Amira Alleman, Adam Allen, Hannah Allen, Krystin Allen, Laura Allen, Samantha Allen, Tracey Alligood, Breanna Alligood, Glenn JR JR JR SR SR JR SR JR JR SR JR SR 4/14/2019 4/15/2018 4/11/2021 4/11/2021 4/15/2018 4/14/2019 4/9/2017 4/15/2018 4/5/2020 4/17/2016 4/14/2019 4/17/2016 Allred, Alayna Allred, Victoria Almond, Kaley JR JR JR 4/9/2017 4/9/2017 4/5/2020 Alston, Jakayla Amin, Bina Amin, Mona Andersen , Caitlyn Anderson Beckham, Sherri Anderson, Antonia Anderson, Christopher Andrews, Ashley Andrews, Kristy SR SR SR GRAD GRAD GRAD GRAD GRAD SR 4/9/2017 4/14/2019 4/9/2017 4/11/2021 4/14/2019 4/15/2018 4/15/2018 4/15/2018 4/5/2020 Ange, Christopher Angell , Ethan Anselmo, Ryan Anthony, Scarlett Anzola-Riegel, Carolina Apperson, Anna Apperson, Avery Apple , Brandi Arledge, Joseph Arrante, Joelle Arrowood, William Asby, Ted Ashworth, Catherine Askew , Alexis SR JR JR JR GRAD JR JR GRAD JR GRAD SR SR SR GRAD 4/9/2017 4/11/2021 4/17/2016 4/15/2018 4/5/2020 4/14/2019 4/9/2017 4/11/2021 4/15/2018 4/5/2020 4/5/2020 4/17/2016 4/14/2019 4/11/2021 Aslam, Rabiah Austin , Laura SR JR 4/17/2016 4/11/2021 UNDERGRADUATE MAJOR Psychology Political Science Child Development Computer Science Early Childhood Education Business Administration Accounting Music Education Engineering English Literature Management,Management Information Systems Public Health,Spanish Nursing Accounting Family and Community Service Industrial Technology Public Health Anthropology Environmental Health Nursing Communications Public Health Computer Technology,Information Technology Exercise Physiology Economics,Statistics Recreational Therapy major/Psychology minor Computer Science Biology,Spanish Biology Psychology Elementary Education Biological Science,Human Biology Languages Interpersonal and Organizational Communication Accounting Psychology/pre-med Education Psychology Exercise Science Public Health Health Sciences Nursing Biology Psychology Interpersonal Communication Industrial Technology Marketing Human Development and Family Science; Child Development Business Management undergraduate GRADUATE PROGRAM Human Development and Family Science Nursing Software Engineering Early Childhood Education Business Administration, Business Analytics Clinical Counseling Education Instructional Technology Biological Science,Zoology Counseling Physican Assistant Studies Nursing Human Development and Family Science Human Development and Family Science ECU’S Chapter of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi – Initiates 2016-2021 NAME JOINED AS A YEAR UNDERGRADUATE MAJOR Austin, Claire Averett, Brittany Ayala, Michael Ayers, Eric Ayinde, Oluwatosin Azersky, Kaitlin Babb, Stephanie Badillo, Natalie Bagsit, Farisal Baile , Maggie JR JR SR JR JR SR SR JR GRAD JR 4/15/2018 4/5/2020 4/5/2020 4/5/2020 4/9/2017 4/9/2017 4/15/2018 4/17/2016 4/15/2018 4/11/2021 Exercise Physiology BSN Applied Economics Biology Chemistry,Pharmacy Public Health Bailey , Elizabeth JR 4/11/2021 Bailey, Andrew Baker , Amy Baker , Hannah Baker , Stone Baker, Cassie Baker, Kayla Baker, McKinley SR JR JR SR JR GRAD JR 4/15/2018 4/11/2021 4/11/2021 4/11/2021 4/15/2018 4/14/2019 4/5/2020 Balch, Curtis Baldwin, Jeffrey Ball, Lindsey Banzon, Patrick Barker, Hannah Barnard, Caroline JR SR JR SR JR JR 4/14/2019 4/9/2017 4/14/2019 4/9/2017 4/15/2018 4/5/2020 Barnes , Derese Barnes, Carsyn Barnes, Joshua Barnett, Zachary Barnhill, Robert Bashaw, Candace Basile, Kathleen Batchelor , William Battle , Darian Baughn , Krista Baxter , Connolly Baysden, Logan Beach, Ashley Beall, Anthony Beaman, Michael Bean, Christopher Beasley, Kari Beasley, Kristina Beauchamp , Rachel Beeman, Meredith Beingolea, Monica Belcher, Emily Bell, Jessica Bell, Mackenzie Benderman, Lesley Bennett , Catherine Bennett, Samantha Bentley, Alex GRAD JR SR JR JR GRAD SR SR JR SR JR SR JR SR SR GRAD GRAD SR GRAD GRAD SR SR SR JR JR SR SR JR 4/11/2021 4/14/2019 4/14/2019 4/14/2019 4/15/2018 4/15/2018 4/17/2016 4/11/

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