Dear Commissioner Saul: We are members of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR), and their colleagues. NOSSCR is a nationwide non-profit organization whose mission is to advocate for improvements in Social Security disability programs and to ensure that individuals with disabilities applying for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits have access to highly qualified representation and receive fair decisions. Collectively, we represent tens of thousands of individuals applying for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income benefits each year. We do this work because we care about our clients, but we cannot continue this work if we cannot stay in business. Most of us use the statutorily approved fee agreement to be paid; this is a simple process that limits our fee to the lesser of a set cap or 25% of past due benefits. Since 2009, this cap has been set at $6000 and has not been adjusted, while inflation has increased by 20% driving up business costs including salaries, rents, utilities, and other items. In addition to this the user fees that claimants’ representatives must pay to SSA to have their fees withheld continue to rise each year. As a result, we have seen many of our colleagues leave this area of law, others have laid off staff, or stopped providing additional services, all of which affects our ability to provide the best representation for our clients. We ask therefore, that you take the following actions:   Use the authority granted to the Commissioner of Social Security by the 1990 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act to adjust the fee cap to reflect an increase in the primary insurance amounts since the last time that the fee cap was adjusted in 2009; and promulgate a regulation to automatically adjust the fee cap each year to reflect increases in the primary insurance amounts. In addition to the 2,500 plus individuals who have signed this petition I am including a letter of support from NOSSCR’s allied organizations in the disability community who also support these changes. These organizations know that the entire system is at risk if Social Security claimants’ representatives are unable to stay in business. Sincerely, Teresa Abbott Jenna Abel James Abernathy Brandi Able Frederic Abramson Ashley Acosta Aida Adams Gary Adams Jessica Adams Katherine Adams Rebecca Adams Nicholas Adkins Nick Adkins Athlea Adkisson Allison Affleck Thomas Affleck Sima Aghai Diana Aguilar Ross Ahern Edward Ahlers Mark Aiello Kara Aikens Gregg Albach Kate Albert Brett Albren William Aldred Anselmo Alegria Anna Alekseeva Nicole Alessi Jackie Alexander Jennifer Alexion William S Alge Jr. Diana Alignan Ellen Alires-Trujillo Brian Allen Bruce Allen James Allen William Allen Myron Allenstein Sarah Allison Beth Alpert Ginger Alvarado J Alvarez Erika Alverson Anthony Amos Benjamin Anderson Edwin Anderson James Anderson Kristina Anderson Timothy Anderson Brad Andringa Darrin Andrus Vincent Angermeier J Anklowitz Carolyn Anner Gayle Anthony Allison Antonowicz Joseph Antonowicz Peter Antonowicz Christina Apfel Theresa Appelbaum Padberg Eileen Archey Karen Arndt Grover Arnett Ann Arnold Blair Arnold Michael Arnold Derrick Arrowood Victor Arruda Bryce Ashby Mary Aspros Pamela Atkins Ann Atkinson James Auffant Carol Avard John Ayers Spelios Bacoyanis Paul Badame Nikolaus Baikow Erica Bailey Rangeley Bailey Rebecca Bailey Andrew Bainbridge Ashley Baine Graham Baird Donald Baker Gina Baker Jennifer Baker Kevin Balentine Paulette Balin Celia Ball Melissia Ball Samantha Ball Stuart Ball Maren Bam Joel Ban John Banks Lawrel Banks Adam Banton Stuart Barasch Qadry Barbarin Julie Barbero Donald Bardes Jason Baril David Barish Colby Barkes Jay Barnes Jennifer Barnes Randall Barnes Adam Barnett Adam Barnett G.C. Barnett Gail Barnett Scott Baron Scott Baron Aaron Barr John Barroll James Bartimus Cristen Bartus David Bary Donna Baslee David Batchelder Bradley Bauer Erin Bauer Jeff Bauer Queena Baumbach Terrence Bazeley Tiffany Beardslee Danielle Beaver Peter E. Bec Nancy Becer Robert Beck Michael Beehan Ashleigh Beer Dana Beetem Jonathan Beiser Skyler Belic Aidan Bell Garrett Bell Jeffrey Bell Jody Bell Juliana Bell Michael Bell Ryan Bell Robert Belle Richard Belli Domenic Bellisario Allan Belliveau Ronald Belluso Vanessa Beltran Francesco Benavides Bill Bender Sarah Bendzlowicz Henri Benoit Deborah Bensch Bradford Benson Cynthia Berger Alexis Berg-Townsend Todd Berk Bi

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