Priority question for written answer P-001104/2022 to the Commission Rule 138 Carmen Avram (S&D) Subject: Urgent measures for the fisheries and aquaculture sector owing to the war in Ukraine – exceptional situation in the Black Sea Basin Since last year, the EU fisheries and aquaculture sector, in particular that of Romania, has been affected by rising energy and fuel prices. The war in Ukraine has led to a price hike in Romania, which is putting the fishing and aquaculture sector in great difficulty. In addition to the energy and fuel price crisis, the Black Sea fisheries sector is facing another major problem. As Romania shares a border with Ukraine, Romanian fishing vessels are advised to fish as far away from the conflict zone as possible. Paradoxically, Romanian fishermen fish for rapa whelk and turbot precisely in the part of the sea bordering Ukraine. Thus, Romanian fishermen’s boats are forced to fish in less resource-rich areas south of the Romanian coast, which pushes them to consume even more fuel. Under these circumstances: 1. When is the Commission going to announce the measures to be taken for the sector? 2. What measures does the Commission intend to take to protect the Romanian fishing and aquaculture sector, which is the most affected by the war in Ukraine? 3. Is the Commission considering setting up a crisis funding mechanism for fishermen? PE730.420v01-00

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