Olwen Wymark Theatre Encouragement Award winners 2020: Matt Grinter, nominated by Merlin Goldman Nina Hajiyianni and Kevin Dyer, nominated by Ginni Manning Nina Kristofferson, nominated by Julian Wilkins Greg Mosse, nominated by Nina Millns Mike Poulton, nominated by Rex Obano Tessa Walker, nominated by Alexis Zegerman 2019: Alia Alzougbi, nominated by Hannah Khalil Kate Budgen and Sarah Dickinson, nominated by Samantha Potter Martin Cort, nominated by Mary Rensten Selma Dimitrijevic, nominated by sean burn David James, nominated by Evi Stamatiou Peter Thompson, nominated by Karen Bartholomew 2017 (presented in 2018): Sue Andrews, nominated by Deborah McAndrew Ghislaine Kenyon, nominated by Diane Samuels Nicola McCartney, nominated by Mary Jane Wells Jon McKenna, nominated by Anthony Mariani Deirdre McLaughlin, nominated by Poppy Corbett Emma Manton and Matthew Woodyatt, nominated by Jenifer Toksvig John Retallack, nominated by Zena Forster Angela Street, nominated by Pippa Roberts the salon:collective and its Artistic Director Dominic Kelly, nominated by Mike Elliston 2016: Deborah Dickinson, nominated by Emma Hill Chris Honer and Arthur Stafford, nominated by Lindsay Williams and Debbie Oates Donald Hutera, nominated by Lorna V Kumiko Mendl and Drayton Hiers, Yellow Earth, nominated by Joyce Lee Affiliated to: British Copyright Council, Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, Creators’ Rights Alliance, European Writers’ Council, Federation of Screenwriters in Europe, Federation of Entertainment Unions, Filmmakers’ Alliance, International Affiliation of Writers Guilds, Performers’ Alliance, Trades Union Congress, Union Network International, World Intellectual Property Organisation The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is a trade union registered at 134 Tooley Street, London SE1 2TU www.writersguild.org Gavin Stride, Farnham Maltings, nominated by Kevin Dyer Alison Watt, Beach Hut theatre company, nominated by Jackie Daly 2015: Jarek Adams, Gloucester Scriptorium, nominated by Andrew Thorn Joe Sumsion, Dukes Theatre Lancaster, nominated by Debbie Oates Mared Swain and Kate Wasserberg, The Other Room, nominated by Alun Saunders Polly Thomas, nominated by Dan Rebellato 2014: Maurice Perl, nominated by Anthony Smith Martin Witts, Leicester Square Theatre, nominated by Richard Pinner Joanna Read, LAMDA, nominated by Lisa Evans Adam Pownall, Derby Theatre, nominated by Nick Wood 2013: Mandy Fenton, for Equal Writes, Juliet Forster, York Theatre Royal, nominated by Neil Duffield Gillian Hambleton, Northumberland Theatre Company, nominated by Bob Shannon Paul Milton, Cheltenham Everyman Writers’ Lab, nominated by Philippa Roberts Gill Hopkinson, director and dramaturg, nominated by Donna Worthington 2012: James Hadley, relationship officer, Arts Council England Brigid Larmour, Watford Palace Theatre Josie Rourke, Bush Theatre Nick Quinn, Literary Agent Janet Steel, Kali Theatre 2011: Cathy Magee, Dyslexia Scotland David James, BOOK Music & Lyric Musical Theatre Workshop Paul Milton, Everyman Writers’ Lab, Cheltenham The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is a trade union registered at 134 Tooley Street, Londonwww.writersguild.org SE1 2TU Elizabeth Newman, Octagon Theatre, Bolton Nigel Williams and Kay Murray, Network Theatre Natalie Wilson, Theatre Centre 2010: Chris Bridgman, director, Northwest Playwrights Neil McPherson, artistic director, and the Finborough Theatre Purni Morell, head of studio, the Royal National Theatre The Orange Tree Theatre (Sam Walters, artistic director, and Alan Strachan, freelance director) David Thacker, artistic director of the Bolton Octagon 2009: Sarah Brigham, associate director, Dundee Rep Dominic Dromgoole, artistic director, The Globe Theatre Kevin Dyer, writer Fifth Word Theatre Company of Derby (Angharad Jones and Laura Ford) Bill Hopkinson, director/dramaturg Arnaud Mugglestone, director 2008: Joe Devlin, artistic director, Focus Theatre, Dublin Elske van Holk, director of STET Promotions, the English language theatre for The Hague Lakeside Theatre, Nottingham (Matt Aston, theatre programmer/ producer) Annette Mees, project director, The Menagerie Theatre, Cambridge (Paul Bourne, Patrick Morris and Holly Race) Oldham Coliseum Theatre (Kevin Shaw, Natalie Brown, Michelle Temperley and Jodie Lamb) 2007: Andrew Breakwell, director of the Roundabout Company at Nottingham Playhouse Suzy Graham-Adriani, producer, Youth Theatre Projects, Royal National Theatre Clive Paget, musical cons

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