President Caroline Shaw, Bates College Vice-President and Program Chair Brian Lewis, McGill University Treasurer Jennifer Purcell, St. Michael’s College Secretary Anna Suranyi, Endicott College Past President Brendan Kane, University of Connecticut 1 NECBS 2021 Online Conference Program October 22-23 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22 1:00-1:15: Coffee and preliminary remarks 1:15-2:45: Panel Session One 1A. Character and Psychology in Literature and Narratives Goodness vs. Greatness in Henry Fielding's Jonathan Wild Kevin Hogg, School District No. 5, Cranbrook, BC “Slaves of the Desk”: Nile Exploratory Accounts as Masculine Escapism in Mid-Nineteenth Century Britain Miguel Chavez, Vanderbilt University Mind Over Matter: A Psychological Reading of Salman Rushdie’s Shame, Midnight’s Children, and Haroun and the Sea of Stories Eunice Kim, Claremont Graduate University Chair: Judith Herz, Concordia University 1B. Collection, Circulation, and Trade Networks in the Indian Ocean World Employee Contracts and Correspondence in Finlays’ Tea Companies (1901-1951) Rebekah McCallum, McGill University News from Abroad: Foreign News and Intelligence Acquisition in The Times, 1866 Stephan Pigeon, Dalhousie University British Women’s Natural Historical Networks in Early Nineteenth-Century India Anna Winterbottom, McGill University Chair: Tyler Yank, McGill University 1C. Paintings, Payments, and Pregnancy in Early Stuart England Representing Pregnancy in Anthony van Dyck’s British Portraits (1632-1641) Karen Hearn, University College London “I trust you will not forget to bring Mr. Honthorst”: Art, Diplomacy, and a Dutch Painter in London Michele Frederick, North Carolina Museum of Art Paying the Painter: Making Living with the Brush in Elizabethan and Early Stuart England Robert Tittler, Concordia University Chair: Catherine MacLeod, National Portrait Gallery 2 1D. Empire and Trade in the Early Modern Atlantic World In Solo Puro et in Area Pura: Law, Empire, and Dispossession in Early Jacobean Ireland and Virginia, 1603-1622 Joe Borsato, Queen’s University The Rest Must of Necessity Perish: Environmental Small Wars in Cromwell’s Western Design Joseph Bienko, Penn State University More Power than Profit: Capitalism and the Origin of the Bristol Slave Trade, 1680s-1720s Trevor Jackson, George Washington University Chair: Craig Gallagher, New England College 3:00-4:00: 1st Keynote New Dawn Fades: Heathrow and the Transformation of Britain James Vernon, University of California, Berkeley 3 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23 9:00-10:30: Panel Session Two 2A. Great War Nurses of the British Isles: Exploring Postwar Narratives Networks of Care: British First World War Nurses’ Postwar Careers Alison Fell, University of Liverpool Irishwomen in World War I Medicine and Postwar Remembrance in the Irish Free State Mandy Link, University of Texas at Tyler “These women have been very difficult to deal with”: Exploring the Rights and Responsibilities of War-Disabled Women Eilis Boyle, University of Kent Chair: Jennifer Purcell, St. Michael’s College 2B. Rethinking Nineteenth-Century Politics Sir Robert Inglis and the Twilight of Ultra-Toryism Jonathan Wales, Providence College Indian Petitioning and the Politics of East India Company Reform, 1851-1855 Scott Connors, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge “The cry is all for Prince Alfred”: The Vacant Hellenic Throne and the Election to it of Queen Victoria’s Second Son Aidan Jones, King’s College London Chair: Arianne Chernock, Boston University 2C. Shifting Loyalties and Shared Enemies: Politics and Presbyterianism in Late-Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth-Century Scotland “The Crooked Tree Must be Bended Contrary to the Other side, to Bring it to a Rectitude”: Resetting Rebels in Late-Restoration Scotland Carleigh Nicholls, McGill University “The Common Enemy to Withstand”: Presbyterian and Whig Ideology in Early EighteenthCentury Scotland and England Bonnie Soper, Stony Brook University “No Presbyterian should be settled in any place”: Clan MacKenzie and Anti-Presbyterianism in Ross-shire, 1674-1714 Edwin C. Sheffield, University of Glasgow Chair: Jeremy Fradkin, McGill University 4 10:45-12:15: Panel Session Three 3A. Queen Mary I and Lady Jane Grey: Contemporary Perspectives and Representations “Most rightful enheritoure of the crowne imperial of England”: Mary I, Lady Jane Grey, and the Power of Historical Precedent Jessica S. Hower, Southwestern University The Coronation of Mary I: Music and Liturgy Daniel Ben

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