LWPFC Return to Play Safety Plan LWPFC has created the following ‘Return to Play Safety Plan’ guidelines in accordance with Federal, State and local requirements as they pertain to COVID-19 and related circumstances. Changes may be made in the future to ensure safety of all our players, families, and coaches. The purpose of this Safety Plan is to provide a set of processes and guidance for the safe return to soccer. The Washington Ready Coronavirus Response is the State reference for guidance. The phases are governed by the State and are subject to change. Regardless of any future changes to these restrictions, LWPFC is committed to the safety of all its participants at all times and will continue to respond as needed to State requirements. LWPFC will also follow the directives set forth by our league and cup affiliations through the Washington Premier League (WPL). Additionally, these guidelines include input from US Club Soccer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the WA Department of Health. US SOCCER https://www.ussoccer.com/playon/guides/phase-1-grassroots WA State Guidelines https://coronavirus.wa.gov/what-you-need-know/safe-start Compliance dashboard https://coronavirus.wa.gov/what-you-need-know/covid-19-risk-assessmentdashboard PHASED APPROACH FOR RETURN TO PLAY SAFELY PHASE I Play is prohibited in phase 1 and stay home and shelter is in place. PHASE 2 Team practice can resume if: a) players are limited to groups of five in separate parts of the field, separated by a buffer zone. b) practice can follow social distancing of a minimum of five feet between players with no contact. c) Parents and household members must not congregate on the sidelines during practice. LWPFC is required to publish this Return to Play Safety Plan as a requirement to resume activities during Phase 2. NOTE: Phase 1.5 is a State dispensation under which LWPFC is allowed to return to training under Phase 2 guidelines. PHASE 3 There are no mandated limits on soccer team group sizes for practice or games. Soccer goes back to normal participation and operation, except that the total gathering at any one game cannot exceed 50 individuals. For sporting complexes with multiple fields or other playing surfaces, the 50 individual limit is counted on a per-field, not a per-complex basis. Consideration must be given to crowd sizes within these guidelines. Vulnerable persons should continue to follow any additional guidance and base COVID guidelines when sick or feeling unwell and remain isolated until cleared to return 301433045517 . Phase 2 and 3 COVID requirements can be found here: https://www.governor.wa.gov/sites/default/files/COVID19%20Phase%202%20and %203%20Sporting%20Activities%20Guidance.pdf OUTDOOR SPORTS GUIDANCE Coaches must be careful to maintain non-contact protocols and group separation from other groups on the field. Coaches must also ensure that each player has their own ball and should not be loaning out soccer balls during practice. Coaches should also make sure there are enough hand sanitizers available for participants before and after each session. Pinnies should not be shared amongst players. Better to give each player a pinnie for the duration of a session and either gather them up by forming a pile where players can drop them at the end of each session and the coach then washes the pinnies before the next session, or players retain their pinnie and wash and bring them back to training at the next session. Parents are responsible for adhering to recommendations for the use of face coverings depending on State Health guidelines. Face coverings may not be mandatory for some individuals due to medical reasons or for persons with disabilities. COVID-19 prevention and response protocols need to be implemented prior to when trainings begin. Keep in mind that implementing these new COVID-19 habits and processes for players, parents, coaches and clubs will require adequate time for understanding and compliance. PTPro is available for injury prevention screening and development of individual improvement and training programs and coaches should be promoting this service to their players. Contact PTPro to book individual assessment sessions. Monitor compliance of Club curriculum with USSF guidelines and maintain a soccer realistic approach to non-contact drills. Play particular attention to players health. Avoid park drinking fountains and make sure that players are reminded to bring their own water and to not shar

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