The Housing Board Cambridgeshire | Peterborough | West Suffolk Friday 1 October 2021, 10.00 to 12.00 Held online via Microsoft Teams Meetings will be recorded. These recordings will be kept, in the event any point of detail needs re-visiting whilst we are not producing full minutes. Please let us know at the beginning of the meeting of any objections to recording. Meeting notes Present           Dan Horn (DH), Fenland Chair Azma Ahmad-Pearce (AAP), CPCA Sue Beecroft (SB), Housing Board Jon Collen (JC), Huntingdonshire DC Sean Evans (SE), Peterborough Elaine Field (EF), South Cambs DC Notes Julie Fletcher (JF), South Cambs DC David Greening (DG), Cambridge City Joe Keegan (JK), Public Health Jennifer Kralj, (Jennifer) P3 Charity Apologies         Lynne O’Brien (LO), Cambs County & Peterborough City Ali Manji (AM), Cross Keys Homes Karen Mayhew (KM), Homes for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough (H4C&P) Charlotte McCallister (CM), West Suffolk Damian Roche (DR), Accent Group Pamela Scott (PS), Huntingdonshire Lisa Sparks (LS), Cambs County Heather Wood (HW), South Cambs DC       Peter Campbell, South Cambs DC Nigel Howlett, CHS Michael Kelleher, Peterborough Lee Price, West Suffolk Cristina Strood, Cambs Police Heather Wood, South Cambs DC Previous Notes Previous meeting notes are available at Some Covid-19 resources have been added to a new page here Please note: On the date an item is first presented, there will be a note of the discussion (shaded grey). Relevant actions followed, are numbered and shaded white. In later sets of action notes, discussion notes are shortened or removed, to save paper. Action notes are updated and progressed at each meeting. Once all the actions on a topic are completed, they are all marked “done” and in the following set of action notes, are removed along with any remaining discussion note. So, each set of action notes circulated should cover all the Board’s actions, whether “still to do”, “doing” or “done”. Key to the table:  Grey shading = a brief note for context. Not full minutes. If more detail is needed, please contact Elaine Field.  White numbered lines = actions. When action is complete and reported back to the following meeting, it and the notes are removed from the table. Page 1 Next meeting: Action 5 November 2021: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon Agenda item Lead To do All  LS All   1 October 2021 1. 2. 3. Item 2: P3 update and statistics  Jennifer Kralj, Head of Service for P3 Charity presented P3 monitoring information.  Lisa S: Will be retendering Cambs and Peterborough floating support contract. Happy to look at different District approaches, or setting up another way, can consider options.  Suggestions: DR: impressive stats on eviction prevention and the low numbers evicted. DH: at retendering should there be criteria/prioritisation agreed beforehand for where support should be put, geographically neutral. JC: could be demand led.  LS: contract numbers were based around capacity of each district i.e. the number taking up services dictated what went into the specification for the current contract.  Jennifer stated 3 team set up in different areas, referrals and capacity are not ring fenced, can move staff resources to the district where needed.  P3 have introduced telephone and Whatsapp approaches, increasing potential capacity, as well as retaining personal visits. Small mental health support element included. P3 have seen more mental health needs since Covid, can look at these further and look at what P3 offer. New people are using the service. Increase in domestic abuse too.  P3 always move people with longer term needs e.g. learning disability to other services , working with Adult Social Care, GP’s, health teams, etc. Aim to work with a person max 6 months, with some exceptions.  JC advised working well with P3 in Hunts. DH added each District could discuss with P3, to ensure all teams are up to speed with what they should be doing interacting with them. Discussed P3 hoarding work briefly. Individual districts speak to P3 about what local areas need. Drop ins, groups and sessions can be run by P3. LS to share one-off intervention information to partners, as in Tier 1 and Tier 2 (??) Please send feedback to LS, to help with commissioning process for next contract by 10 October. Item 3: Overview of Prof Dame C

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