2022 COMMONWEALTH SUPPORTED PLACES AND HECS-HELP INFORMATION This booklet is about subsidised university places and the HECS-HELP loan to pay your student contributions. Visit www.studyassist.gov.au for up-to-date information. Published November 2021 You must read this booklet before submitting the Request for a Commonwealth supported place and a HECS-HELP loan form. When you submit your form, you are declaring that you have read this booklet and that you are aware of your obligations as a Commonwealth supported student and under HECS-HELP. If you do not submit your form to get a HECS-HELP loan or pay your student contribution amount by the census date, your CSP and enrolment will be cancelled. Make sure you know when your census date is – ask your provider if you don’t know. The Department of Education, Skills and Employment has endeavoured to ensure that the information in this publication is consistent with the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (the Act) and guidelines made under the Act, available at www.legislation.gov.au. However, there may be differences between this publication and the Act or guidelines. If there is any inconsistency, the Act will take precedence. ISSN 1449-9282 © Commonwealth of Australia 2021 The Department of Education, Skills and Employment supports and encourages the dissemination and exchange of information. All material produced by the Department constitutes Commonwealth copyright material. Except where otherwise indicated, and save for the content in this booklet supplied by third parties, the Department’s logo, the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, and any material protected by a trade mark, the Department has applied the creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/. The Department of Education, Skills and Employment must be attributed as the author of the Department’s copyright material. As far as practicable, material for which the copyright is owned by a third party will be clearly labelled. The Department has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that this material has been reproduced in this booklet with the full consent of the copyright owners. Copyright requests and enquiries concerning further authorisation should be addressed to: The Copyright Officer, Department of Education, Skills and Employment, Location code C10MT1 GPO Box 9880 Canberra ACT 2601 or emailed to [email protected] KEY POINTS BEFORE YOU SIGN UP Deciding on study is like choosing a new phone plan. Every provider wants your business and it is up to you to do your research:  Have you compared the same course at different providers? If not, you can:  compare costs and if a subsidised CSP enrolment is available right now. You can search on www.courseseeker.edu.au for undergraduate CSPs or contact providers directly for postgraduate CSPs.  compare experiences, job prospects and starting salary of other students who studied in your study area at your provider at www.comparED.edu.au.  Do you know how much this course will cost you overall including if there are any extra administration or loan fees?  Do you have enough HELP balance to cover the cost of the course?  Are you aware of the deadline to withdraw so you don’t get charged? This is the same deadline to submit your HELP application form or pay your fees – otherwise your CSP enrolment will be cancelled.  Have you got your Unique Student Identifier? You will need one to access a CSP and a HECS-HELP loan when you enrol in a new course. There are many higher education courses in Australia where a student can access a Government HELP loan. Just like signing up to a phone plan, it is your responsibility to compare your options and know what you are signing up for when you sign the form and provide your tax file number. Commonwealth supported places and HECS-HELP information 1 WHO IS THIS BOOKLET FOR? This booklet is for eligible higher education students enrolling in a Commonwealth supported place (CSP). Most undergraduate students at Australian public universities are enrolled in CSP. This booklet contains a summary of the key points a person that is enrolled in a CSP/using a HECS-HELP loan needs to know. USING THIS BOOKLET Some pages in this booklet will have words highlighted. Check the glossary for a definition of these words. Contact your approved higher education provider for any questions about:  enrolments  student contribution amounts and upfront payments  census dates and administrative dates  the eligibility criteria for a CSP and HECS-H

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