Outsourcing Quotation Scheme for Computer Network Security Maintenance Services Your 180 office equipments (including desktop computers, notebook computers, print copiers, scanners, fax machines, etc.) are handed over to our company for maintenance.Our company provides door-to-door service.Your unit has 150 desktop computers, printing and copying machines, scanners, fax machines and other 30 to our company maintenance, a total of _________________ Maintenance scope and content: (1) door-to-door service items (1) Maintenance of computer hardware failures (computer mainframe, display, etc.), which belong to hardware failures, shall be charged separately for replacement fees. (2) Computer software fault maintenance (including system installation, system restoration, system update, common software installation and debugging). (3) Maintenance of computer peripherals (printers, scanners, photocopiers, projectors, fax machines, digital products, etc.). (4) Local area network failure, network equipment maintenance (maintenance and testing of existing units'internal LAN to ensure normal internal network communication). (5) Computer and office equipment mover (photocopier, printer, fax machine, projector, etc.). (6) Virus detection and clearance (the network epidemic virus needs to be charged, and the ordinary virus is handled by the anti-virus software purchased by Party B itself). (7) Hard disk data migration and data recovery, data backup, data management (Note: After Party A's professional technical engineer checks the quality of hard disk, Party A and Party B can jointly agree on the recovery of data processing costs according to the actual situation). (8) Installation and debugging of professional software (Note: Technical advisory services, data services and training services can be provided). (2) Agreement Rules Our company needs to maintain a total of 180 computers (photocopiers, printers, fax machines, etc.). Quotations are as follows: project Unit Num price ber (table ) Compa Amo ny unt (yua n) Cycle Sm (mont den h) yea Computer 150 platfor m 12 (Printing/Scanning/Copying /Fax, etc.) Integrated Machine 30 platfor m 12 LAN Services 1 term 12 Information Security Service 1 term 12 Total      Yuan / mont h Yua                     May 15, 2019

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