Instructor Mask Removal Request for indoor Instructional Spaces Questionnaire Exemptions are granted conditionally, subject to change and may be rescinded at any time per public health-related regulations, directives and guidance. **Exemptions are to be provided under extenuating circumstances. Approvals for mask exemptions requests is presently on hold until March. The questionnaire below is intended to be answered by instructors seeking an exemption to the mask mandate for pedagogical reasons. All exemptions will be granted in accordance with the relevant policies as established by the Joint Provostial and Human Resources Guideline on Face Masks – Division of the Vice-President & Provost . Each instructor must submit separate forms, request for a mask exemption cannot be made on behalf of multiple instructors. Instructors who have concerns with mask non-compliance (e.g. student not wearing a mask) should review the information in Ch 10 of the COVID-19 General Workplace Guideline, under “Compliance.” Instructors who receive concerns about mask compliance should advise students to engage them (instructor) or to contact EHS ( If the instructors choose to remove their own masks for pedagogical reasons, they must ensure that the learning activities are carried out in accordance with public health guidance, with appropriate safety measures in place such as physical distancing, in alignment with the guidance of U of T’s Environmental Health & Safety office and approved through applicable Divisional procedures. Instructors who require a mask accommodation for a medical reason are to contact Health and Well-Being directly. Students who require a mask accommodation must contact Student Accessibility Services themselves. If you have received a medical accommodation (e.g. for a medical reason) and/or your Division has already secured an exemption on your behalf from Environmental Health & Safety due to the nature of the course (e.g. wind instrument instruction), please do not submit this checklist. The below checklist is intended only for instructors seeking a mask exemption on a case-by-case basis for pedagogical reason where, as per University policy, "wearing [a mask] would fundamentally undermine the effectiveness of that activity, and where the activity can be carried out safely.” These requests will be granted on the basis of a valid pedagogical rationale alongside existing safety measures that can be used to mitigate risk in the specific classroom.        In the case of the instructor’s mask removal approval, they will be physically distanced from the first row of students (closing the first row, for example, if needed to adhere to physical distancing, at least 2m away). In the case of students removing masks for pedagogical reasons, the instructor will instruct the student on when they can take off their mask (start of the activity) and when to put the mask back on (end of activity). They will remove masks, they will place it in a clean bag or container when not wearing it, they will be physically distanced until the activity is over and will put their mask back on, perform hand hygiene and, in the case of students, return to their seat. They will put mask back on when leaving the lecture area, even if for less than a minute. The instructor and students will have a spare mask available in case it is misplaced, dropped or soiled. The instructor and students will use hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes where available inside the classroom and at the instructor’s area, if needed. Only designated inventory classrooms will be used for instructional activities Please complete:    Section A if the instructor is seeking permission to remove their own mask Section B if the instructor wants to give the student(s) permission to remove their mask(s) Both sections if the instructor wants to remove their own mask AND give students permission to remove their masks. Return the form to and the unit lead identified below. February 18, 2022 1 Section A: Instructor seeking to remove their own masks for pedagogical reasons Course and Instructor Information Name of instructor: Click or tap here to enter text. Email address of instructor: Click or tap here to enter text. For EACH instructor listed above, please list employee group (e.g. Faculty, CuPE3902 Unit 1, etc.): Click or tap here to enter text. Campus: Click or tap here to enter text. Division and Faculty Click or tap

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