Placement Year Fees and Applying for Student Finance Tuition Fees All students on a Placement Year are subject to reduced tuition fees. This fee covers the support you will receive before, during and after your placement, assessment of the placement and your continued access to university Support Services and NUS membership. Students taking a year out from the University to complete a work placement in 2022/23 academic year will be charged the following tuition fees (this information is based on 2021-22 figures as no further detail was available at time of writing, so could be subject to change): Placement/Year of course Work placement year in the United Kingdom. Students commencing 2017-18 or later Work placement year outside the UK. Students commencing 2017-18 or later Home Fees £1,850 International Fees 50% of the relevant international fee £1,385 50% of the relevant international fee Further details regarding fees for placement year students can be found here: Exceptional Fees 2021-22 Tuition Fee Loans – Student Finance UK Home students can apply through Student Finance for a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of placement year tuition fees, as they would for other years. However, it is important that you tell Student Finance that you will be abroad/on a placement year. Before you submit your funding application you need to indicate what you will be doing during each term. If you have already submitted your application and then decide to go abroad/take a placement year you will need to log into your online account and complete a change of circumstances form to update your information. When submitting your change of circumstances, you will need to select the new course you will transfer to for your placement year. Always use the drop-down options for this and find the correct title of your course rather than use the course code. This will be something like BA(Hons)(your subject) with Placement Year. [Placement Year Tuition Fees and Funding – Sept 2021] If you cannot find your course on the Student Finance course menu, please email for advice. When completing your Student Finance application for a tuition fee loan, if you require the maximum loan to cover your tuition fee, please tick the appropriate box but also tick to allow the University to change the amount. You may find that the fee which appears for your Placement Year is more than you expected but ticking the box will enable the University to amend the fee and fee loan from £9,250/£9,000 to the correct fee as advised above, once it has been confirmed that you have started your work placement. Please contact Funding and Financial Support if you require any further information or if you need to discuss your individual situation. EU students may also be eligible to apply for Tuition Fee loans but must meet certain criteria so should check with Student Finance or with the University’s Funding and Financial Support team.1 Maintenance Loans to support you during a Placement Year UK Home students undertaking a placement year may be eligible for a reduced rate Maintenance Loan during a paid/unpaid work placement year.2 This reduced rate Maintenance Loan is not income assessed (means tested) and the exact amount will vary depending on where you will live during the placement e.g. living in London, outside of London, in your parents’ home. You will not however be entitled to any supplementary grants i.e. Parent’s Learning Allowance, Adults Dependants Grant, Childcare Grant, unless you are undertaking specific types of unpaid placements (such as working in the NHS), in which case you may also be entitled to a full maintenance loan. Maintenance loans will not be released until you have completed the University’s online registration process for the academic year. Full-time student 2021/22 Academic year – full loan Living at home Living away from home, outside London or overseas Living away from home, in London Up to £7,987 Up to £9,488 2021/22 Reduced Loan rate for Placement Years £2,155 £2,874 Up to £12,382 £4,035 1 EU students starting in the academic year 2019-20 and 2020-21 will pay the same fees and have the same eligibility for loans and grants as UK home students for the duration of their course. EU students starting in 2021/22 or later will not be eligible for the home/UK fee rate or financial support from Student Finance England. 2 Students on an Erasmus + work placement scheme abroad may be eligible for a non-inc

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