Poster Contest The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) invites Kindergarten – 5th Grade students to participate in the Michigan Earth Day 2022 Poster Contest! Rules!  Poster content must be Michigan-themed. Students must include wildlife, plants, land, or freshwater ecosystems native to Michigan in their Earth Day 2022 Poster. Posters can be hand-drawn or created on a computer. If created by hand, the submitter must take a photo and save it to a PDF (portable document format) for submission. For judging purposes, a horizontal or landscape orientation is recommended for the poster because it presents better on a Microsoft PowerPoint slide.  Each school will hold their own contest and submit only the top three (3) posters per grade (K-5), per school.  The PDF poster inserted in the PowerPoint slide template provided by EGLE should be submitted electronically by not later than Friday, February 25March 11, 2022, by emailing it to [email protected]  The PowerPoint slide template contains designated lines for the student’s name, grade, school name, city, teacher’s name, and the teacher’s email address. The template is also available online at  Posters will be judged based on the student’s creative use of native Michigan wildlife, plants, land, or freshwater ecosystems. Winners of the contest will be notified by MondayFriday, AprilMarch 11, 2022. The winners will be honored in an online prerecorded ceremony that will be posted the week of April 18, 2022 on the Earth Day webpage at Any questions? Contact Pam Howd (EGLE) at 517-282-8357 or [email protected]

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