Minutes of the College Inclusive Practices Committee (CIPC) for October 19, 2021 from 3:30-5 pm on Zoom In attendance: Yore Kedem (chair), Caitlin Cornell, Alison Dobbins, Fred Gifford, Liz Gray, Lamar Johnson, Katie McEwen, Ellen Moll, Charles Moulding, Jennifer Nelson, Krsna Santos, Erica Starr, Laura Yares, Sonja Fritzsche (ex-officio), Carly Kabel. 1. The October agenda and minutes from September meeting were approved. 2. CIPC Chair Yore Kedem stressed the importance of continuing the conversations regarding inclusion of fixed term faculty in college, department, and unit processes. We will get the minutes out to you earlier while it is fresh, also so that you can refer to them as needed. We will also issue a call for agenda items 2 weeks before the next meeting. 3. Associate Dean Sonja Fritzsche reviewed pages 45-51 of the MSU DEI Steering Committee report and plan to give committee members an idea of the type of language and guidance provided including metrics. 4. Reports from CIPC reps on DEI activities in the units/departments with carry over question from last year for reports • WRAC - Our Equity & Justice committee is having our first meeting next week so I’ll have more to report next month. • Philosophy – Discussion here and there and made a commitment to put some funds in colloquium budget each year. We have planned to do workshop each term. • RCS - chair of Department DEI committee – Assisting in the development for the DEI statement evaluation criteria. Shared the minutes from our previous meeting and pass on. • Theatre – They are facilitating a department wide workshop on diversity, equity, and inclusion, justice and belonging. We will have a time that is focused on community building where we can have these conversations to work through; time to implement a new way of coming together to utilize student voices when it comes to season selection, productions are chosen/generated. There is a student advisory board for DEI. A department DEI committee is still in the works. We are discussing Student representation on that committee and the season selection committee. 5. IDEA coordinator Ellen Moll spoke of the advantages of serving as IDEA Coordinator as it provides an opportunity to serve at the university level and be part of the DEI conversations and activities there. The committee regularly works with Jabbar Bennett the Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer. The meeting is once per month. Both Caitlin Cornell and Liz Grey volunteered to serve as IDEA coordinators along with Ellen. 6. Inclusive Pedagogical Initiative Update [IPI]  The “Pronoun Usage in the Classroom” workshop was well attended by Jesse Beal, The Gender and Sexuality Campus Center. They provided their Powerpoint slides and other materials, which are available to chairpersons in the Deans, Directors, Chairs Team channel as well as to CIPC members on the CIPC Teams channel under files.  This Friday October 22, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm will be a workshop on “Teaching Evaluation Through An Inclusive Lens” Presented by Patti Stewart, Center for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (OI3)  The committee discussed the possibility of inviting Dr Nicole Buchanan in the spring to present on the concept of “epistemological exclusion.” There was significant Interest in asking Dr. Nicole Buchanan to do a follow-up workshop with CAL faculty/academic staff based on video. It was agreed to watch the video before the next meeting and then to further discuss the possibility and potential funding. Here’s a link to the work: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=jY0owXj2WEw&feature=youtu.be The next meeting of the initiative is October 20.  7. The committee discussed the guidelines/rubric for evaluation of DEI statements and the guidelines to applicants. Comments included: 1) the language to the applicants needs to be revised and aligned with the language in the sample rubric, 2) the rubric needs to be revised to include DEI philosophy so that the guidance is steered away from the appearance of a request for personal narrative and rather designed to focus in a workplace context. 3) the guidelines for applicants need to be made transparent to international faculty who might not be aware of the US conversations on DEI. Associate Dean Fritzsche asked committee members to take this document back to their departments for further discussion, review, and feedback to bring to the next meeting. 8. FEA Alison Dobbins provided a report from the Radical Recruitme

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