Affiliation: Hepatic hemodynamic Unit, Liver Unit. Hospital Clinic Barcelona-IDIBAPS. CIBERehd Bio: Virginia Hernández-Gea (MD, PhD) is an interventional hepatologist working at the Liver Unit in Hospital Clinic-IDIBAPS (Barcelona). After her clinical training at hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona, she spent three years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and one year at IDIBAPS in Barcelona. In 2013, she joined the Hepatic Hemodynamic Unit at Hospital Clinic where she is fully dedicated to the management of patients with portal hypertension and vascular liver diseases as well as conducting liver catheterization procedures including TIPS. She also runs a translational laboratory focused on the understanding of the role of the liver endothelium in liver diseases. She is recipient of the Rising Star in Gastroenterology prize by the UEG and the EASL Young Investigator Award. She is vicesecretary of VALDIG, faculty of Baveno and associate editor of Liver International. Brief motivational statement: Becoming a member of the EASL Governing Board will offer me the opportunity to return to the Association part of the support EASL has provided me during my career. My active participation in several EASL activities together with my extensive training in Hepatology and my strong interest in research will be a great combination that could help EASL in its main goals of pursuing excellence in liver research, providing education and ensuring diffusion of the latest scientific breakthroughs related to our field of interest. After contacting and obtaining details from several of the actual members, I am aware of the responsibilities and duties of the Scientific Committee Members and I think that my broad background, interest in research and education together with my involvement in other international societies (vice-secretary of VALDIG, Faculty of Baveno and Steering Committee of the ASLD Portal hypertension SIG) will also help the spread of knowledge in Hepatology. Becoming a member of the EASL Scientific Committee would allow me to contribute to the promotion research and education on a large scale with the final aim of progressing in the understanding of liver diseases and improving the management of our patients worldwide. Sincerely, Virginia Hernández-Gea MD, PhD

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