FOR GROUP LEADERS How to use this February Action Sheet Remove this page before distributing Whew. We made it to February. Together let’s get through the pandemic and stay focused on our relationships and goals. Your chapter’s efforts throughout 2022 will help you be ready to work with whatever Congress is elected in November. The January Action Sheet asked you to create three big parts of your 2022 chapter plan. It was a lot, so if you didn’t finish, continue working with your lead volunteers to flesh out your plan for, (1) strengthening your chapter by being an oasis in the storm, (2) giving presentations in the community, and (3) getting lots (LOTS) of voters to ask candidates for their climate plan. Then add Media Relations goals to your 2022 chapter plan as described below in our Write LTEs/op-eds and add media to your chapter plan action. Your drumbeat of media work throughout 2022 will help to educate your community and signal to your MOCs that climate is a top constituent priority. Giving your volunteers something terrific to look forward to in the Spring may help them overcome their COVID-19 fatigue and frustration with the slow pace of Congress. Our Plan now for an in-person outdoor event in the Spring action is based on Madeleine’s polling of new activity ideas on her call with SCs. The winning ideas were service, tree planting and save and savor. Or you may decide instead to replicate an amazing Earth Day or backyard party you threw a few years ago. Consider asking a volunteer who loves the outdoors to take the lead on planning this event. If you’d like to stay current on Build Back Better, watch for Tony Sirna’s posts in the GL Group Forum. Notes: (1) Our CCL Government Affairs staff feels that March is not a strategic time to ask for lobby meetings as we usually do. Instead, use this time to focus on other levers of political will and on building relationships with MOCs, for example, by attending their town halls or by inviting MOCs or their staff to speak to constituents at your chapter meeting or at another local event you organize. (2) Yale’s Program on Climate Change Communication reports that more Americans are alarmed about climate change than ever before so alert your volunteers to ask their families and friends to get involved in CCL. A sample meeting agenda (suggested time is 60-80 minutes) 1. Ask a few folks to share how they are feeling as the year gets underway - 5-10 mins 2. If attendees have seen James Balog’s presentation, invite them to share something they are thinking about after hearing him speak. If you have a big group, use breakout rooms - 5-10 mins 3. Do the two actions and the two bonus actions, giving people time to email and post - 10 mins each 4. Do the Communications Exercise in the Action Sheet - 10 mins 5. Round-robin - What is one thing you will do to be resilient through the winter? - 5-10 mins 1 ACTION SHEET, FEBRUARY 2022 Monthly Meeting, Saturday, February 12, 2022 10:00 a.m. Pacific / 1:00 p.m. Eastern Three Ways to Join ● To connect by video conference, go to (NOTE: this links to meeting ID# 95498355745) Note: To improve audio/video quality, close all applications and other browser windows Note: To turn on closed captions and adjust their size, see this Zoom help page ● To connect by phone: If you have unlimited calling, call 1-646-558-8656; otherwise you can call toll-free at 1-877-369-0926. Enter 954-9835-5745 as the meeting ID ● To watch a livestream go to: MONTHLY MEETING GUEST James Balog, Photographer Many people now working to preserve a livable world were motivated after viewing the documentary "Chasing Ice." Pictures, as they say, are worth a thousand words, and James Balog's images and films speak volumes about the damage human activities have inflicted on our environment. For 35 years, the acclaimed photographer has documented how we have modified our planet's natural systems. He founded the Earth Vision Institute, whose work was featured in "Chasing Ice." He also has a new book out, "The Human Element: A Time Capsule from the Anthropocene," and an essay in Inside Climate News. We're thrilled to have him join us on this month's call. Actions for your chapter gathering 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Write LTEs/op-eds and add media to your 2022 chapter plan Plan now for an in-person outdoor event in the Spring Bonus action. Alert right of center supporters about our March Conference Social media bonus action. Post a screenshot o

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