24th ANNUAL ARIZONA HIGHLAND CELTIC FESTIVAL Rodeo Grounds, WILLIAMS ARIZONA SATURDAY JULY 17TH, 2021 SOLO COMPETITION REGISTRATION FORM Area of Competition: (Circle one) Piper Grade III IV Contestant Name____________________________________________________________Date of Birth (under 18 only) ______________________ Address_____________________________________________ City _______________________State ________ Zip ___________ Tel # _____________________________________Email address_____________________________________________________ Tartan ______________________________________________________ WUSPBA or Assoc. Number ______________________ All events held under sanctioning from the Western United States Pipe Band Association. Solo Piping Competitions are hosted by the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society. The Registration fee is $30 for all competitors. Send completed form, fee (made payable to NACHS to NACHS, 266 Alamo Street, Durango, CO 81301. Registration forms, with fee, must be received by July 8, 2021 to qualify. Registration forms received after this date will be considered but acceptance is not guaranteed. NO FIELD ENTRIES. Contestants will be notified of competition times by email. If contestants wish a mailed copy of competition times include a self-addressed stamped envelope with registration fee. Game sponsor reserves the right to adjust any pre-assigned playing times. Competitions may start as early as 7:00 AM Saturday, July 17, 2021. Start times are subject to change depending on the number of registered competitors. Note: WUSPBA Solo Membership fee is to be paid directly to WUSPBA. Kilt numbers are required. SOLO PIPING AWARDS: Medals are awarded for first, second, and third places. CIRCLE EVENT YOU WISH TO ENTER SOLO PIPING Grade IV (P41) 2/4 March (P42) Slow March Grade III (P31) 2/4 March (P34) 6/8 March (PB4) Piobaireachd (ground & 1st variation only) (PB3) Piobaireachd HARMLESS AGREEMENT: The Individual Competitor named on this form (signature below) hereby agrees for him/herself, successors and assignees, to indemnify and hold harmless the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society, from all claims, suits or any other action for personal injuries, including (but not limited to) death, and damages to property, real or personal, caused by the Individual, and/or acts or omissions of the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society, arising out of Individuals involvement in the Arizona Highland Celtic Festival, and from all judgments and costs incurred in relation to said claims and suits; and, from all expenses incurred in defending said claims or suits. Individual hereby releases the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society, all Sponsors and Officials, including their agents and employees, from liability from any claim it might otherwise have for participating in the Arizona Highland Celtic Festival including, but not limited to, any claim for personal injury or physical impairment or other claim of any type arising out of participation or involvement in this event. Individual also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless those released above from any such claims, damages, losses and expenses, including attorney’s fees, and all court costs. PHOTO RELEASE: The undersigned does hereby give consent to the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society and assignees to take photographs, audio and/or video recordings of him/herself and his/her Organization at the Arizona Highland Celtic Festival and to use such photographs/recordings for such promotion, publicity or other lawful purpose as the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society deems appropriate. Individual further waives any rights or claims as to content approval or damages that he/she may have for use of these reproductions. SAFETY AND SITE RULES: Clan Safety Rules and Regulations (and Vendor Safety Rules and Regulations, if applicable) apply to all individuals or organizations participating in the Arizona Highland Celtic Festival and must be adhered to. Copies are available for registered organizations. 1. No alcohol of any type may be brought onto the grounds. 2. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed outside authorized areas designated by the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society at the festival property. 3. No firearms or illegal drugs are permitted on festival property. 4. No vehicles (other than carts and vehicles with written permission from Arizona Highland Celtic Festival) are allowed on any field before, during, or after the event.

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