Mask Advisory - Effective 2/10/22 This advisory replaces the mandate. THE PLYMOUTH BOARD OF HEALTH STRONGLY ADVISES ALL PLYMOUTH RESIDENTS AND VISITORS TO CONTINUE WEARING FACE MASKS IN ALL PUBLIC INDOOR SETTINGS WHEREAS, infected but asymptomatic individuals and unreported results of at-home rapid antigen tests will lead to undercounts of COVID cases; WHEREAS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) previously recommended that unvaccinated persons over the age of two (2) wear a N95 or KN95 mask in indoor public places; [1] and fully vaccinated people also wear a mask in public indoor settings in areas of substantial or high transmission.[2] WHEREAS, there was an increase in infections from the COVID-19 Delta variant and the rapidly spreading Omicron variant which may now be slowly receding. WHEREAS, local boards of health are empowered to pass reasonable public health regulations which may be more (but not less) restrictive than the measures set forth by the Governor, to protect the public health by taking steps to prevent the spread of disease, pursuant to M.G.L. c. 111 §§ 31 and 122. NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to M.G.L. c. 111 §§ 31 and 104, the Plymouth Board of Health hereby advises the following: 1. Effective at 12:01am on February 10, 2022, face masks covering both the mouth and nose are strongly recommended for all individuals aged five years and above in all indoor public spaces, houses of worship, or private spaces open to the public except where an individual is unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition or disability. 2. In food service establishments, customers are not expected to wear face coverings once seated. 3. Indoor performance venue customers should only remove face coverings in the actual act of eating and drinking, if permitted in the venue. 4. This mask advisory shall not apply to performers who are singing and /or playing brass or wind instruments, while performing, provided that they are at least 6 feet away from any member of the public. 5. Members, visitors, and employees in private membership clubs are advised to wear face coverings while indoors. 6. Lodging guests and workers are advised to wear face coverings when inside hallways and common areas. 7. Residents, visitors and employees in multi-unit homes and apartments are advised to wear face coverings when inside common hallways and spaces. 8. Fitness Center/Health Club workers, customers, and visitors are advised to wear face coverings during fitness activity, including strenuous activity. 9. At Personal Services establishments, including, but not limited to, barber shops, hair and nail salons, all customers and workers are advised to wear face coverings, except for skin or beard care that occurs on the face, where the customer may temporarily remove the face covering but should immediately put the face covering back on for the remainder of the visit. 10. Masks remain mandatory for all individuals on public and private transportation systems (including airlines, trains, rideshares, livery, taxi, ferries, subways, and buses), in airports, healthcare facilities and in other settings hosting vulnerable populations, such as congregate care settings. 11. All entry doors of businesses open to the public should post notices advising customers that, for the safety of staff and customers, face masks should be worn inside the establishment. 12. Owners and managers of private businesses may also choose to post other restrictions that they deem necessary to protect their staff and customers from the threat of infection, including (but not limited to) mandatory wearing of face masks or showing proof of vaccination. 13. This Advisory shall not apply to informal gatherings at private residences in which no compensation for use of the property is paid to the owner. This advisory will be in effect until rescinded by a majority vote of the Plymouth Board of Health. The BOH will continue to closely monitor and discuss the COVID-19 cases and infection trends within Plymouth, Plymouth County, and the state of Massachusetts. Because of the rapidly evolving nature of this disease and the possible future presence of new variants, action must be taken on an emergency basis before publication can be achieved. Publication nevertheless will be undertaken, and notification will be placed on the town website and at the entrance of every facility in which this applies. The Plymouth Board of Health especially urges those who are deemed

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