Quality of Construction Personnel in Construction The quality of construction personnel plays a direct role in the quality of the project.Enterprises must strengthen the ideological education of engineers so that they can establish a certain sense of responsibility, start from the details of the project, and conscientiously complete the construction of the project.And the enterprise itself should establish certain spiritual and cultural concepts, establish a positive corporate culture atmosphere, and mobilize the enthusiasm of every engineer. At the same time, enterprises can adopt appropriate competition mechanism and give corresponding incentives.Regular technical and management training is also necessary, which can fundamentally promote the quality of construction technicians and managers.It is worth emphasizing that it is necessary to put forward relevant technical regulations for engineers, which require them to memorize the relevant specifications and understand them correctly. At the same time, they should charge themselves regularly, and clear plans should be put forward for possible situations.Accurate understanding of the technicians'working conditions and project progress is essential.The perfection of technical data should also be carried out in a practical and accurate manner and should not be fraudulent.Management departments need to formulate clear reward and punishment regulations for employees, and clear responsibilities and powers. Everyone's first task is to do their own work well, and improve their work without specific arrangements by leaders.This has put forward new requirements for the leaders of the construction site. They should not employ only relatives, but also make good use of their aptitude. Specific people should be assigned to specific posts and responsibilities and powers should be separated.

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