COUNCIL ON AGING BOARD MEETING Minutes of the Council on Aging Board Meeting held on January 13, 2022 via Zoom Members Present: William Byron, Ruth Delmonico, Charlie Aaronson, Susan Pauley Associate member present: Michelle Fuller (arrived late), Jeanne Genereux, Al Arthur, Jessica Moriarty Absent: Members: Susan Matatia and Kathy O'Brien; Associate members, Kate Hogan and June Thall The Director of the COA, Alyson Toole, was present. Community Services Coordinator, Brian O'Sullivan attended the meeting. The Minutes of December 9, 2021 were accepted with corrections. Under Liaison Reports, it was clarified that Minuteman Senior Services did not move. In the Director's Report, the word for was added to the bullet about the need for the Friends to acquire an event permit for special sales. The last addition was to clarify Two to mean Tax Work-off. Liaison Reports: Community Services Coordinator, Brian O'Sullivan, sent his report and came to the Board Meeting to further explain his work.  A number of calls he receives are about the frustration over Covid and the concern of those feeling isolated.  The Hangens have taken in two Afghan families temporarily. They have many needs, clothing, food, household goods, and transportation. The COA Food Program is helping. They are two couples and two young children, and are waiting until an apartment is available in Worcester.  Tommy's Taxi is getting more use, but one must apply to take advantage of the free service. There are a number of criteria for the riders.  Stow resident, Marcy Eckel, is the new Executive Director of the Neighbor Brigade. This group helps people in the community in a variety of ways.  In the past, Brian has helped with COA Outreach; he would now like to be available for emergencies only so he can make more home visits and follow up on his cases.  A new committee has been formed to increase more diversity in Stow. It is called The Diversity, Inclusion, and Awareness Team. Members are Alyson, Brian, Conservation, Recreation, Police, Library, and Stow TV. There is little diversity in Stow, but one of the issues is there have been no applicants. Dot Spaulding, the chair of the Historical Commission, prepared detailed information about black history in town.  Warm Hearts and St. Vincent DePaul are two charities that Brian is in frequent contact.  Evictions have started. Minuteman Senior Services - Michelle attended the Board meeting and sent copies to COA Board members. The main focus was on financial matters. A mask mandate is in effect. Community Preservation Committee - Charlie attended.  Need to look at the history, upgrades, and the historical preservation of the library.  Red Acre Housing needs money to attract builders. Next month, a closer look at the Town Hall requests.  Do all applicants meet the CPC criteria? Chair's Report  Want to organize a working group to assist Alyson with the van shelter. We need to gather the codes and information to prepare a presentation. Bill, Charlie, and Jessica volunteered to be part of this group.  The Friends approved $15,000 for a shelter. Director's Report  The Budget was due to the Town Administrator on January 12. A meeting will be scheduled with the T.A. to go over it.  The budget contains a request for a part-time receptionist. There are more technical aspects, and some volunteers are unable to do the job.  We need to know what the schools are doing for Black History Month.  There have been many calls relating to Covid test kits. One thousand have been ordered. We need to determine how to distribute.  The COA has taken a cautious stance on Covid. The building is locked. The in-person exercise classes have been suspended as well as other group activities. Residents can continue to come in for food and the exercise circuit. Other events need appointments.  Gigi is analyzing the results of the survey and will present the findings at the end of the month.  The Friends want to make a sitting area in the front of the building. They need to bring their ideas to the town first.  The Head Life Course hasn't been maintained. It would be great to use once it has been fixed up.  Statistics for the month of December: 1. Total number of people served - 1796 duplicated 2. Total number of people served - 348 unduplicated 3. % Female - 72.7 % Male - 27.3 4. Average # of People signing in daily - 32 5. Telephone calls - 493 6. Most popular activities - Food, exercise 7. Interactions/services provided by

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