Quality Inspection and Inspection of Building Curtain Wall I. Testing of Main Physical Properties of Building Curtain Wall Engineering 2. The specifications require that the wind pressure deformation, air tightness and water tightness of the curtain wall should be submitted when the curtain wall is completed. (Usually referred to as "threecharacter test") 4. What if the trisexual test is not qualified? Specification: In curtain wall performance testing, when a performance fails to meet the required requirements due to installation defects, it is allowed to re-test after improving installation technology and repairing defects.The content of improvement should be described in the test report, and the curtain wall construction should be carried out according to the improved installation technology. When the curtain wall performance fails to reach the specified range due to design or material defects, the test should be stopped.After modifying the design or replacing the material, the specimens are redesigned and tested separately. 5. The time of the third nature test should be completed before the large-scale fabrication and installation of curtain wall engineering components. III. Performance Re-examination of Major Materials (1) Varieties of materials for reexamination Building curtain walls use the following materials, in addition to on-site material testing, but also some of its indicators should be re-examined. 1. Peeling strength of aluminium-plastic composite plate; 2. Bending Strength of Stones, Frost Resistance of Stones in Cold Areas and Radioactivity of Granite for Indoor Use 3. Shaw hardness of structural adhesives for curtain wall and tensile bond strength under standard conditions. 4. The contamination of sealant 5. Tests of compatibility and peeling bond of structural sealants and weather-resistant sealants for curtain wall with their contact materials (these two indexes can not be provided in the factory inspection report).But the sealant must be tested before it is used. 4. Quantity of materials for re-examination: the proportion is 5, not less than 5. The bearing capacity of post-embedded parts should be tested in situ and the ultimate pull-out test should be carried out when necessary.The construction unit shall entrust the qualified inspection unit to carry out on-site inspection, and the inspection unit shall adopt the random sampling method to carry out the inspection according to the proportion prescribed by the code.(Points: 1) Submitting units: construction units; testing units: national statutory testing institutions; 2) Method: random sampling; 3) Not destructive experiments; 4) Pre-added value: pre-stressed not less than twice the design value) V. Peeling Test of Silicone Structural Sealant 1. Sample inspection ratio: half hidden frame and concealed frame glass curtain wall components, 1 piece per 100 components for peeling experiment (1%) 3. Qualification judgment: Silicone structural sealant must be cohesive damage, that is, it must be the destruction of the glue itself, rather than the destruction of the bonding surface. If the structural sealant and the base material are peeled off, the component will be unqualified. If the structural sealant is torn along the colloid, the component will be qualified. 6. Sprinkler test (field test by construction unit) The spraying area of each inspection area should be 1800_x 1800_, the spraying quantity should not be less than 4L/(.), the spraying time should last for 5_, and the leakage site should be observed indoors. The quality management of construction projects shall comply with the following basic provisions: (1) Project quality control should meet the construction technology standards and requirements of the contractor. (2) Model system should be adopted in project quality control.Self-inspection and mutual inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements in the construction process.If concealed works, designated parts and sub-projects have not been inspected or have been inspected as unqualified, it is strictly prohibited to transfer to the next working procedure. (3) The main materials, semi-finished products, finished products, structural fittings, appliances and equipment used in construction projects shall be checked and accepted on the spot. All relevant products involving safety functions shall be reexamined in accordance with the quality acceptance regulations of various professional projects and shall be

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