HM Hospitales has established a multidisciplinary medical team that intervened in HM Nou Delfos and carries out follow-up in HM Nens THE SOLIDARITY OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HELPS A GIRL TO BE TREATED IN SPAIN FOR A COMPLEX PELVIS CANCER  Israe, who is 10, was diagnosed with pelvis Ewing sarcoma, when facing the impossibility of undergoing surgery in Morocco, her home country, her parents launched a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign to pay for treatment abroad  The fundraising has exceeded the family’s expectations, since the involvement of the media and relevant people of Moroccan society have contributed to achieve the goal in just four months  In this extraordinary operation, performed by Dr. Francisco Soldado, head of the Pediatric Orthopedic and Traumatology Surgery Service at HM Nens, the girl's acetabulum was removed, the cancer cells that affected it were removed with liquid nitrogen, the bone was repositioned and a vascularized periosteal autotransplant was performed to bring the bone back to life Barcelona, June 23nd, 2021.- A 'crowdfunding' campaign could save Israe's life. This 10-year-old Moroccan girl was diagnosed with pelvic cancer and since she could not have surgery in her country due to the high surgical complexity or being able to pay for the treatment abroad, her parents sought for help and have obtained it thanks to the solidarity of thousands of people from all over the world. This is how she arrived to Barcelona and she is now being treated in the HM Hospitales healthcare network. Israe and her family's life changed when last January, after numerous visits to the doctor and various diagnostic tests, they were told that he had Ewing's sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that originates in the bones or in the soft tissues that surround them and that usually occurs in children and teenagers. Treatment had to start with a surgical intervention that would be able to remove the tumor or eliminate cancer cells, but in Morocco, it could not be performed. Her parents, an example of strength, courage and bravery, decided to fight for their daughter's life and waged what they imagined to be a long battle to raise funds to finance travel and treatment abroad. They thought about different ways to achieve it that until Soylaiman Izaagague, Israe's father, came up with the idea of launching a crowdfunding campaign and the surprise came along. In just 4 months, they got the involvement of the media and relevant people from the society of Morocco and the Arab world, who contributed by disseminating the initiative on their social networks and getting thousands of people from all over the world to collaborate in pursuit of the Israe's goal: her life and her future. Parallel to fundraising, Soylaiman and his wife, Ouafae El Khaili, began the search for a center with the necessary experience, infrastructure and technology to undertake the treatment and found HM Hospitales and Dr. Francisco Soldado, head of the Service of HM Nens Pediatric Orthopedics and Traumatology Surgery. High complexity medicine One of the facts that defines best HM Hospitales is the highly complex medicine that it is developed at its facilities, thanks to the enormous specialization of its professionals. This hospital group, through its hospitals in Barcelona HM Nens and HM Nou Delfos, is one of the few in the world that performs vascularized flap autotransplants that are used to rebuild complex bone problems, causing damaged bones to regenerate and come back to life. In this sense, Dr. Soldado has extensive experience at an international level. Through a complex surgical intervention and in coordination with a large medical team, he has treated birth malformations such as foot or club hand, congenital pseudoarthrosis of the tibia (leg malformation caused by the breaking of the bone that fails to join and that in 50% of the cases ends in amputation) or thumbs (lack of the thumb of the hand), normalizing the childhood of many minors around the world. Dr. Francisco Soldado explains that “when I found out about Israe's case and I studied it, I realized that I could help her and that excited me, she is only 10 years old. It is an atypical case with complex reconstruction, but we could use the innovative surgical technique implanted by HM Hospitales in their facilities, which are the only ones in Spain that are able to perform it, and we told them to come”. Given this, the girl and her family arrived in Barcelona at the beginning of April. Since then,


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