Daily Repair Rules I. purpose In order to standardize routine maintenance procedures and improve maintenance efficiency, this regulation is specially formulated. II. Scope of application It is suitable for the disposal of the property owners'entrustment and management office's repairs in the park. Three. Responsibilities 1) The Park Maintenance Team is responsible for the maintenance of the reported items. 2) The Park Management Office is responsible for the verification of maintenance results and the return visit to the maintenance projects entrusted by the owners. IV. Operating Regulations Maintenance category: Maintenance categories are emergency repair, minor repair and two kinds.Emergency repair requires the repairman to arrive at the scene within 15 minutes and repair within 8 hours after receiving the report. If not, emergency treatment measures should be taken, reasonable explanation should be given to the repairman, and a time-limited commitment should be made.The minor repairs require repairs within 2 days. Specific circumstances must be explained and time-limited commitments made. 1. Urgent repair: Those who meet the following requirements are in urgent repair: A. burst or damage of water pipes; B. Sewage spillover due to blockage of sewer pipes; C. Circuit failure, electric shock hazard or leakage; D. Living water pump, elevator failure; E. burst or breakage of hot water pipeline, etc. 2Minor repairs: Every minor damages and minor damages are repaired in time, and the daily maintenance works for the purpose of maintaining the original damage grade of the house are minor repairs.Such as wall crack repair, piping, circuit small adjustment, etc. V. Maintenance process 1The owner shall report to the management office by telephone or orally, and the management office shall record, agree on the maintenance time and fill in the "maintenance sheet"."Maintenance slip" is two-in-one, onein-one, and one-in-one report to the maintenance team for maintenance.The repair sheet should indicate the time, content, type and appointed time of the owner's repair. 2After receiving the maintenance sheet, the maintenance team dispatches maintenance personnel and fills in the "service contact sheet" at the same time. 3Attention should be paid to etiquette, courtesy and service standards when door-to-door maintenance. 4After completion of maintenance, maintenance personnel should fill in the maintenance time, consumable materials and other contents on the maintenance sheet, and ask the owner to sign the "service contact sheet" for acceptance. 5Maintenance personnel shall submit the "Service Contact Form" to the personnel of the Management Office for acceptance.Administrators should return visits to the owners. Although the repaired items are repaired, the owners'dissatisfaction with the service should be noted on the repair list. 6Maintenance delays shall be indicated on the Maintenance List by the Maintenance Person.If it fails to be repaired, the maintenance team shall do rework. 6. Repair flow chart 5.1 Owner's commissioned maintenance flow chart Owner's Oral or Telephone Repair Management Office Fills in "Maintenance Form" Maintenance Bill Service to Maintenance Team Maintenance team fills in the paid/commissioned service contact form and assigns maintenance personnel Maintenance by Maintenance Order Owner's signature and acceptance Management Office's return visit, signature and acceptance Management Sales List, Maintenance Team Summary 5.2 Maintenance Flow Chart Entrusted by Management Management Office Fills in "Maintenance Form" Maintenance Bill Service to Maintenance Team Maintenance Team Assignment Maintenance Maintenance by Maintenance Manual Management Office Signature Acceptance Management Sales List, Maintenance Team Summary 6 record Maintenance List Payment/Entrusted Service Contact Form 3.2 Household Installation/Maintenance Rules 1 Purpose Standardize household indoor installation/maintenance procedures to ensure efficient and high-quality completion of household indoor installation/maintenance work. 2 Scope of application It is suitable for installation/maintenance of household rooms within the jurisdiction of the company.Responsibility 3.1 The Residential Area Management Office is responsible for indoor installation/maintenance verification and return visits. 3.2 The supervisor of the community maintenance group

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