Burke Livestock Auction We sold 700 cattle on Saturday February 5th 2022. The run consisted of 440 weigh up cattle and 260 Bred Females. The weigh up market was sharply higher on all classes with the exception of fed/fat cows and that market was steady. Only 6 cows sold under 60 cents and 2 bulls 90 cents. The bred market was sparatic with area moisture causing buying caution. With the feeder cattle and weigh up market at the current level they are, bred stock looks to be an opportunity. Brett Soesbe angus bull sale 10 head averaged $2609. Thank you for your business! Slaughter Cows: High yielding cows 79.00-87.50 Bulk of cows 72.00-79.00 Lower yielding & blemished cows 72.00 Corn fed & fat cows 74.00-85.00 Fat heiferettes 80.00-90 Depending size Feeding heiferettes 70.00-90.00 Fat heifer/steers 127.00-135.00 (singles and small packages) Slaughter Bulls: High yielding bulls 103-112.50 Middle cut bulls 94.00-103.00 Low yielding & blemished bulls below 94.00 Cutting bulls 100.00-125.00 Yearling heifers 117.00-140.00 Depending size Bred Cows: Wenimont Farms E. Sinclair E. Sinclair E. Sinclair L Arrow Wenimont Farms E. Sinclair E. Sinclair herf blkwf blk blk herf herf blk blk Heifers: D. Lunne D. Lunne L Arrow blkblkwf blkblkwf herf 1148 1248 1272 1225 1478 1148 1472 1461 1400.00 young 1860.00 young 1725.00 young 1725.00 young 1610.00 young 1400.00 young 1400.00 solid 1160.00 broken 11355 1875.00 bull bred 1126 1850.00 AI’d 1039 1460.00 Special Weigh Up and Feeder Cattle Sale Saturday February 12th,2022 Expecting 1500 head Weigh Ups 9:30 AM Feeder Cattle 12:30 PM We will be holding a feeder cattle and grass cattle special on February 12th expecting 1500 head of fancy homeraised light fleshed cattle weighing 400-850 lbs. The cattle will nearly all be black or F1 black wf with condition and quality being outstanding. Many of the consignments are in large quantities with several load lots and replacement quality heifers in the offering. We will sell weigh up cattle at 9:30 AM with a large run expected and feeder cattle will begin at 12:30 PM. Please bring weigh up cattle in on Friday if possible. Early Consignments: Justin Heath: 140 blk 550-750 Brian Woods: 200 blk 500-750 Merrill McFayden: 100 blk 600-750 Bob Hausmann: 35 blk 600-800 Todd Hoffman: 45 blk & blk wf hfrs 675-775 Bruce & Brad Pistulka: 130 blk 500-700 Jake Stukel: 130 blk 550-750 Russ Lechtenberg: 40 blk wf & red wf strs 550-700 Williams & Qualley: 15 char x 500-650 Tyler Croston: 70 blk strs 725-775 one load February 19th Special Feeder Cattle Sale NO WEIGH UPS February 26th Special Bred Cow & Bred Heifer Sale w/ Weigh Ups March 5th Special Feeder Cattle Sale NO WEIGH UPS March 12th Regular Cattle Sale March 19th Special Feeder Cattle Sale NO WEIGH UPS March 26th Regular Cattle Sale

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