Project Monthly Program Quality Activity Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. Part I: Project Quality Monthly Activity Program In accordance with the unified deployment of the Notice of the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Construction and other seven ministries and commissions on the Development of the National Quality Month in 2010 and the requirements of the Notice of the Municipal Construction and Management Bureau on the Development of the Quality Month in 2010 for the Construction System, our station has decided to launch the "Quality Month" of the construction project with the theme of "improving the quality level and promoting the transformation of the development mode" from now on.Activities will be notified as follows: 1. Organization and Leadership of "Quality Month" Activities in Our Station Our station has set up a leading group of "Quality Month" activities, which is responsible for the organization and guidance of "Quality Month" activities of municipal construction projects. Group leader: Zhuang Yiwei Deputy Team Leaders: Zou Zhihong, Cai Lin, Chen Junfeng and Dai Rongdian Members: Liu Haitian, Lin Lianquan, Xia Shilin, Lin Liang, Liu Wenruo, Yang Sufan, Fu Xuanzheng, Tangjin, Lin Qichao, Guo Jun, Huang Sheng, Chen Wenfeng, Zhang Yuanan, Zhan Naizhi, He Boqi, Chen Rongbie, Lin Jindian, Xie Jianhua. The leading group consists of offices, which are organized and implemented by the quality supervision and Management Office of the construction project in this station. II. Activity Contents and Work Requirements     1Extensive publicity and education activities should be carried out to create a positive atmosphere.Our station plans to organize a consultation day and a sightseeing meeting in September.Enterprises should give full play to their respective advantages, organize and carry out activities related to "Quality Month", actively participate in consultation, publicity, on-site observation activities carried out by supervisors and supervisory departments, as well as skills competitions for engineering quality management posts, hang up "Quality Month" campaign propaganda slogans and banners, and create a good atmosphere of "grasping the improvement of quality level and promoting the transformation of development mode".     2Targeted activities to improve the quality awareness of management and construction site staff.All participating enterprises should attach importance to this year's "Quality Month" activities, formulate specific activity plans and work plans, and the main leaders should personally do a good job in organizing work, carry out relevant activities in accordance with the actual situation of the unit, and improve the quality and safety awareness of the broad masses of workers.     3Publicize and implement the Technical Measures for Prevention and Control of Common Quality Faults of Residential Engineering in Menshi City.In accordance with the notice requirements of the Municipal Bureau of the People's Republic of China on the promulgation of the Notice on Several Technical Measures for the Prevention and Control of Common Quality Diseases of Residential Engineering in Xiamen City, the implementation of the Notice has been put on an important agenda. In collaboration with the Municipal Quality and Safety Association and other departments, a number of publicity meetings and training courses have been organized to enable all supervisors to learn and master the Technical Measures for the Prevention and Control of Common Quality Diseases of Residential Engineering in Xiamen City.Relevant requirements will create conditions for trial implementation after October 1. in the     4Participated production of two thematic promotional films, "Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Application Project" and "Construction Safety of Fastenertype Steel Tube Support System for Large Formwork Project", which were carried out throughout the city.     5Enterprises carry out selfchecking and self-correcting of quality and safety of construction projects.Through inspection, problems of project quality and construction safety should be found and rectified in time, especially the construction standards of quality common failures prevention and control technology and building energysaving projects should be strictly enforced; residential projects should be constructed and declared for acceptance in accordance with the requirements

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