Project Request Form Number: Year, Month and Day Engineering XXX steel structure project name Our unit has been completed. All agreed upon in the contract Workload.According to the stipulation of Subject matter of declaration the construction contract, Party A pays us% of the current progress of completion and submits the application form for project payment. Please review it and pay for our project. 70 Amount of application: (capitalized) Wanwanwanwanwanwanwanwanwan Picking Wanwanwan Wanwan and picking up the dots and circles on the ground (lowercase) 774767.2 Enclosure: 1. Copies of the contract. 2. Completion data. Applicant: Specific date Supervision opinions: Audit Opinions Signature: Year, month and day up Wanwan Opinions of the construction unit: Signature: Year, month and day

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