Wanted: Hero Must be brave, strong, fearless Able to hunt and kill our monster Payment in gold Great opportunity to gain honor and glory; perhaps be king one day For details see your local scop or contact King Hrothgar in person at Herot You will be creating a cover letter and résumé for Beowulf to submit to King Hrothgar. Use templates from Microsoft Office to get an idea of what a cover letter and résumé should include. Be sure to use language and ideas from the poem. Beowulf must present himself as the best candidate for the position, so be sure to include all of his qualifications! This is a time when boasting is OK! Both the cover letter and résumé must be typed. Include: _______ /50 Cover letter _______ / 50 Résumé _______ / 100 Points total Cover Letter Content Superior Cover letter is seamlessly written, fully addresses the job requirements and presents an appealing and convincing view of Beowulf as an epic hero. Letter is free from mistakes. Resume Content Resume contains each of the 5 required sections and uses appropriate details from both the text and your imagination. Professionalism Both the Cover Letter and Resume follow professional guidelines and are neat, error free, and convincing. Proficient Cover letter addresses the job requirements and presents Beowulf as an epic hero. Letter has some mistakes and does not follow all aspects of the template. Resume either addresses each of the 5 sections incompletely or does not address each one. Resume could use more details from the text. Cover Letter and Resume follow templates and guidelines but lack neatness in some areas. Developing Cover letter does not address all aspects of the job requirement or does not represent Beowulf as an epic hero. Frequent mistakes Resume does not address the 5 required sections and is lacking in supportive detail. Cover Letter and Resume are sloppy or hastily composed, lacking order and a professional appeal. Name: ______________________________ Date: ____________________ English IV Honors Beowulf Cover letter and résumé assignment Scenario: Beowulf, the greatest known warrior in the land of the Geats (and Anglo-Saxon England, for that matter) has run into a problem: boredom. Upon returning to his homeland and following the great celebration in honor of his victory over Grendel and his overbearing (not to mention quite beastly) mother, things begin to quiet down. In fact, Beowulf finds himself with nothing to do! With no monsters to kill and no adventures to be had, he cannot find anything to fill his spare time. One day, Beowulf has an idea. Instead of lying around on his hay mattress all day, he decides to send his résumé out to all of the kings and lords of the land to make them aware of his services. There’s only one problem; Beowulf does not know how to write a résumé, Therefore, he has come to YOU, the most educated person in the kingdom to compose his résumé for him! It is now up to YOU to give Beowulf a fair chance at employment by translating all of his attributions into a well-written, true to character résumé! Directions: Create a résumé based on Beowulf’s actions throughout the poem. Additionally, you may choose to include any goals/actions/experiences that you believe Beowulf may have during the time between the first and second to last sections of the poem. Beowulf’s résumé must contain the following information: 1. Objective: This is typically one sentence that states the goal of the applicant 2. Education: Lists the institutions that the individual has attended and any special educational training or skills he may have received. List most recent first. 3. Professional skills: Any specific skills that the applicant has gained either through working or that would aid in his/her application to a future employment opportunity should be listed here. 4. Work experience: Specifies the last 2 or 3 jobs that the applicant has had. (Note: This should be pretty well established for Beowulf.) List most recent first. 5. Reference: This section lists people who would be willing to testify to the character of the applicant, hopefully in a positive manner. This can sometimes be former employees, co-workers, or individuals who have known the applicant for some time. Be creative! Categories that are not specifically addressed within the text are to be filled in by you with wit and imagination. This assignment is worth a total of 100 points.

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