Application Form – Social Responsibility Scholarships – 2021 Entry Application Deadline: 31st August 2021 Section 1: Personal details Please complete all fields First name / Given name Surname / Family name UCAS Personal ID # (10 digits) University of Manchester ID # (7 digits) Preferred email address Contact telephone no Section 2: Eligibility criteria Please note that to be eligible to apply for this scholarship your results must equate to AAA at A-level (or above) – please contact our admissions team at if you are unsure as to whether your results meet this criteria before submitting your application Please confirm your fee status as Home or International/EU (students classified as overseas for tuition fee purposes) Home / International/EU (delete as appropriate) Please confirm all level 3 qualifications completed and results achieved e.g. AAA at A-level / AAA in the INTO International Foundation Year Continues on the next page  Section 3: Statement of application Your written application should consist of two parts with about 1,000 words for each part. In the first part, please outline your previous personal social responsibility (SR) involvement in, for example, community-based project, volunteering opportunities and/or fundraising activities, and explain how they are linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the second part, please explain how you could further develop yourself and help developing other students in the school and university to become socially responsible graduates (please also include your understanding of the key attributes of “socially responsible graduates”). Do not complete (internal only) Confirm University of Manchester ID: Verify eligibility: Verify word count: Do not complete (internal only) Confirm University of Manchester ID: Verify eligibility: Verify word count:

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