The True Question of Highway Engineering Examination for Grade I Constructors in 2017 [Answer] 1. Single-choice questions (20 questions, 1 point for each question, 20 points in total) 1.Single-layer horizontal full width mining method is suitable for mining ().Soil cutting. A. short and short. B. is deep and short. C. Long and thin sidewall D. is deep and long. [Answer] A [Analysis] Refer to the textbook [1B411013 excavation roadbed construction] P5. Single-layer transverse full-width excavation method: from one or both ends of the excavated cutting to the design elevation at one time according to the full width of the section, excavation gradually to the depth, excavation earthwork is generally carried to both sides.This method is suitable for excavating shallow and short cutting. 2.The protective types of skeleton plants do not include (). A. Grass planting with masonry stone skeleton B. Cement concrete hollow block slope protection C. Window-hole retaining wall D. Grass Planting in the Frame of Anchor Mixed Suspicious Soil [Answer] C [Analysis] See [1B411031 Protection Engineering Types and Applicable Conditions] P35. Skeleton plant protection: grass planting in masonry slate (or concrete) skeleton, slope protection with cement concrete hollow block, grass planting in anchor concrete frame. 3. When GPS-RTK technology is used in road construction lofting, the mileage pile () on the road should be calculated first. A. Azimuth Standard B. Coordinate C. Distance D. Quadrant Angle [Answer] B [Analysis] See the textbook [1B411051 Highway Engineering Construction Survey Method and Work Requirements] P45. Before setting out the middle line of the road, the coordinates of the mileage piles on the line should be calculated first, and then the plane position of the lofting points can be calculated with the lofting function of GPS-RTK. 4.Among the following pavement structural layers, those belonging to flexible base are (). A. Cement stabilized macadam base B. penetrating asphalt macadam base C. Lime-fly ash macadam base D. Lime stabilized soil base [Answer] B [Analysis] See the textbook [1B412013 Asphalt Stabilized Base (Subbase) Construction] P64. Asphalt stabilized base (subbase) is also called flexible base (subbase), including hot mix asphalt macadam, penetrating asphalt macadam, emulsified asphalt macadam base (subbase) and so on. 5.According to the classification of aggregate gradation, the open-graded asphalt mixture is (). A.SMA B.AM C.AC-16 D.OGFC [Answer]:D [Analysis] Refer to textbook P81 [1lB412021 Asphalt Pavement Structure and Type]. Open Graded Asphalt Mixture: The aggregate gradation is mainly composed of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and less filler. It is formed by bonding with high viscosity asphalt binder. After compaction, the void fraction of the open type asphalt mixture is more than 15%. The representative types are drainage asphalt abrasive layer mixture, expressed as OGFC, and drainage asphalt stabilized macadam base, expressed as ATPCZB. 6.The correct construction process of soil-raising shoulder is ()... A Raw Material Flatness Static Pressure Pushing Cutting Edge Flatness Rolling B Preparation Flatness Static Pressure Pushing Rolling Cutting Flatness C preparation pushing leveling static pressing trimming leveling rolling D preparation pushing static pressing leveling rolling leveling trimming [Answer] C [Analysis] See textbook [lB412042 shoulder construction] P114. Construction process of soil-improving shoulder: preparation pushing leveling static pressure trimming leveling rolling. 7.The arch frame of unloading masonry arch bridge must wait for the strength of mortar to reach the design strength standard value. A.70% B.75% C.80% D.85% [Answer]:D [Analysis] See textbook P141 [Construction of common formwork, bracket and arch of lB413022]. The unloading time of the arch frame of the stone arch bridge shall meet the following requirements: (1) For masonry arch bridges, the strength of mortar shall reach 85% of the design strength standard value. If the design is otherwise specified, it shall be carried out in accordance with the design regulations. (2) For small arch bridges with spans less than 10 m, it is advisable to unload the truss after the completion of all the buildings above the arch; for mediumspan solid-web arch, it is advisable to unload the truss after the completion of arch protection; for large-span open-web arch, it is advisable to unload the truss when the small arch cros

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