5th Year Booklist Bruce College Cork School Year 2021-2022 p PLEASE NOTE LEVER ARCH FILES ARE NOT ALLOWED. PLEASE USE A4 DISPLAY BOOK WITH INSERTED POLLY POCKETS. English – Honours & Ordinary Level Single Text: MacBeth – Folens if possible. Comparative Texts: ‘Never Let me Go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro Philadelphia, Here I Come – Brian Friel Ladybird – Film – notes given in class. Poetry: New Discovery, Poetry for 2023. Paper 1: Notes given in class. Irish – Honours Teachers notes will suffice An dTuigeann Tú? Tuilleadh Treorach don tSraith Pictiúr – 2022 - CJ Fallon Irish - Ordinary An dTuigeann Tú? Tuilleadh Treorach don tSraith Pictiúr – 2022 - CJ Fallon Maths Honours Text and Tests 4 & 5 – New Version - Celtic Press Formulae and tables formally known as Log Tables. Scientific Calculator. – Casio (Natural Display) – recommended Geometry Set 1 Maths Ordinary Level 5th Maths (O) - Text and Tests 3 by O.D. Morris, Paul Cooke and Paul Behan, The Celtic Press Formulae and tables also known as Log Tables. Scientific Calculator. – Casio (Natural Display) – recommended Geometry Set French 1. Clé à la grammaire - Declan Webb 2. À l'attaque - Dominique Senard, published by Gill 3. Physical French/English-English/French dictionary (e.g. Collins) 4. Four-colour pen for note-taking, set of highlighters 5. Vocabulary notebook or copy. German Hörthemen Aural Book - James Hayes – CJ Fallons. Spanish Venga Leaving Certificate Spanish Higher & Ordinary level. Edco. Maria Fenton. Spanish Verbs ( small thin red book ) Folens Biology Leaving Certificate Biology by Micheal O’ Callaghan – EdCo – preferable the new edition. No Work book needed. A4 Pad, Soft Plastic Folder with dividers & a hard back copybook Chemistry Chemistry Live Text 2nd edition 2014 plus Workbook – Declan Kennedy - Folens. A4 Pad, Folder with dividers & a hard back copybook 2 Physics Optional textbook - Investigating Physics by Andrew Kenny, Gill and Macmillan. This is also available as an e-book. Home Economics LifeSkills – Text Book & Workbook by Carmel Enright & Maureen Flynn – Folens 3 to 4 A4 Note Pads. Soft Plastic Folder with dividers. Notepad for taking notes only. Business Organisation Inside Business by Davin Kielthy and Lisa O’ Byrne Accounting Teachers Booklet – available from teacher. History Impact of Partition and Pursuit of Sovereignty- Vincent Foley- Folens Northern Ireland: Politics and Society Francis Holohan- Folens Dictatorship and Democracy. Sean Delap- Folens United Sates and the Wider World - Francis Holohan-Folens. Economics No Book Required - Teachers own notes provided Geography Landscapes core units and Human elective by Declan Fitzgerald and PJ White . 3 Applied Maths 5th Applied Maths - Applied Mathematics 3rd Edition by Dominick Donnelly, Tír na nÓg Publications (will be available in July, or directly from the teacher Log tables also known as Mathematical tables- should have already have them from Maths Design & Communications Graphics (D. C. G.) Graphics in Design & Communications New Edition" by David Anderson (Pub: Gill &Macmillan ) This is a new edition where two books are now combined into one. Full Drawing Kit including – A Good Quality Compass 2 Set Squares An Adjustable Set Square A ‘T’ Square Access to a lap top is essential - Software will be supplied by school Drawing Package not compatible with Apple and only with Microsoft word. Laptop must have access to Microsoft word. Construction Studies " Get Constructive " by Eva Corcoran, Sean King, William Nolan ( Pub: educate.ie) This is also available as an e-book. Agricultural Science To be advised by the teacher in September 4 Art History Appreciating Art for Leaving Cert by Aine Ni Chartaiga and Aidan O’Sullivan by Gill & Mac Millan Music Bach: score for Cantata Jesu, der du meine Seele Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture May Costello: Workbook Set A (blue cover) 2 x A4 manuscript copies (staple bound) Ring file and dividers Strong envelope file Religion Teachers own Notes Exam Papers Students are asked not to purchase exam papers. A subscription to Studyclix will be available for purchase through the school in September. We recommend the use of a laptop/ipad/chromebook for use during study periods in order to keep the amount of books and paper students need to carry to a minimum. Please feel free to use whatever existing device you have, however please bear in mind charging facilities may not always be easily accessible. Chromebooks ar

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