Project Engineer Corrects Application Form Hello, Dear Leader! My name is Li Chen. It's my great honor to join the project team of our company from February to October, 2019 as a project engineer.It has been nearly three months so far. Now I have sorted out what I have learned in these three months as follows: To be a project engineer, we should be summative. The daily work of the project engineer is very tedious. As a project engineer, he is the leader or the person in charge of the project. The first step is to formulate a large schedule for the whole project. What's the use of this schedule?This table is to guide and restrict the project members to carry out the project according to the established plan. It is also for the whole project work to run under the control of the project engineer. When the project develops to a certain stage, the project engineer must hold a project meeting to summarize the experience, summarize the results of the project at this stage, and what work has been completed?It is impossible for a good project engineer to make a good project without meeting to discuss the progress of the project. Therefore, it is necessary to hold regular meetings for review and summary. Be sure to find ways to solve problems for team members As a project engineer, any difficulties encountered in the process of project development, project engineers first need to assist team members to solve the current difficulties, such as communication and communication with superior leaders, communication and coordination with parallel departments, communication with suppliers, and more importantly, communication with customers. Accurate delivery of customer instructions I think the core value of the project is that the customer satisfaction is determined by the whole project. After the project engineer receives the customer's instructions, he must learn to decompose the task, divide the task into several modules, use the modular solution to solve the problem, and gradually promote and improve each module by making the corresponding work plan.What is the correct way to convey the customer's instructions?That is to communicate with customers more, when the customer's instructions are not clear, we must not blindly deliver the planned tasks, if the wrong task execution will cause immeasurable losses, so the value of communication is particularly important in the process of project management. Persistent efforts As a project engineer, we often encounter difficulties in the process of project development, but how not to be overwhelmed by difficulties, that is the ability we should exercise. This is my experience during my internship. I hereby apply for correction and hope that the leadership will approve it. Applicant: Chen Ke 2019March 25th 2013

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