Sample Lesson Plan: Subject: English Literature Grades: 7-8 Time: 90 minutes Topic: Young Warriors by V.S. Reid Sub-topic: An Introduction/ Historical Context Attainment Target: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:  Lesson Objectives: Understand the historical context of the text, Young Warriors. 1. Analyse the title of the novel. 2. Discuss the history of the Maroons in Jamaica. 3. Examine the various context of the novel. Previous Knowledge: The teacher would have previously assigned students to groups to present on the following information (context of the novel/authors information). Resources: Young Warriors by V.S. Reid The Jamaican Maroons  %20Maroons%20edited%20final.htm History of the Maroons  history.html Content: Origins of the Jamaican Maroons The Jamaican Maroons are often described as enslaved Africans and persons of noticeable African descent who ran away or escaped from their masters or owners to acquire and preserve their freedom. The word maroon is commonly believed to be derived from the English equivalent of the Spanish word Cimarron (wild). The origins of the Maroons date back to 1655 around the time when Tainos and Africans who were freed by the Spanish took to remote parts of the island for refuge from the English invasion and to establish settlements. From the second half of the seventeenth century to the mid eighteenth century the Maroons developed into a formidable force that significantly challenged the system of enslavement imposed by the English. Though great controversy surrounds the terms of the treaties that they signed with the English, their role in undermining institutionalized slavery and cultural traditions are prominent parts of the history and heritage of Jamaica. Source- Introduction/ Engagement: (15 minutes) Students will be asked to state what they think it means to be a young warrior. Students will then share their responses. Students will then be directed to the cover of the novel to examine the picture. Students will be asked to add to their analysis/predictions based on the picture presented. Lesson Development: (Exploration/ Extension/ Explanation) (45 minutes) Students will present and discuss the following information based on previous research given:  Author’s background  Brief history of the Jamaican Maroons  English soldiers vs the Maroons in Jamaica  Facts about Jamaica 1655-1730  Maroon villages in Jamaica Students will be encouraged to critique each other’s presentation. Students will make the necessary notes based on the information presented. Students will then complete an author’s facts sheet. Evaluation: Create a newspaper report or a social media post or a journal entry based on one of the following hashtags: (30 minutes)     #meetvsreid #maroonsfightenglishsoldiers #maroonvillageslocated #1655jamaica Read chapters 1-4 and answer guided reading questions. Home Work: Overall Teacher Evaluation HISTORICAL CONTEXT PRESENTATIONS YOUNG WARRIORS Groups Topics Group 1 Author Background Group 2 Facts about Jamaica 1655-1730 Group 3 Brief History of the Jamaican Maroons Group 4 English Soldiers vs the Maroons in Jamaica Presentation Overview                    Author’s biographical data Author’s early years Educational profile Other books written Five interesting facts about the author that are not mentioned in the other data collected Who ruled the island during this time? r Who were the inhabitants? What was the island like? Identify various Maroon villages in Jamaica during this time? Map of Jamaica Who were the Maroons? Where did they come from? How did they get their names? Where did they live? Cultural practices? Who were the English soldiers? Why were the English and the Maroons fighting? What happened to Nanny Town? Were the English able to defeat the Maroons? AUTHOR’S FACTS Name: _______________________ Novel: _______________________ Author: ______________________ AUTHOR’S BIOGRAPHICAL DATA AUTHOR’S EARLY YEARS AUTHOR’S EDUCATIONAL PROFILE OTHER BOOKS THE AUTHOR WROTE FIVE INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sample Lesson Plan: Subject: Grades: Time: Topic: Sub-topic: English Literature 7-8 90 minutes Young Warriors by V.S. Reid Chapters 1-4 Characters/ Setting Attainment Target: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:  Understand the

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