November 15, 2021 Good morning, Warriors! Today is Monday, November 15, an odd bell schedule today and even bell schedule tomorrow. Sports Clubs and Organizations Junior Exchange HEY JRX-ers! We will be having our 5th meeting of the semester this week on Friday during lunch in room 708! Come by to find out who the NEW CABINET MEMBERS ARE, an update on our events, AS WELL AS FREE CANDY! Canned Food Drive is also happening right now so don't forget to bring cans to room 708 to receive free service hours! Also, don't forget to sign up for our Turkey Basket Workshops and Neighborhood Clean-Up Event! We have tons of upcoming events so check out our Instagram @ybhs_jrx for the sign-up forms or contact Patrick Vu or any officer if you have any questions!!! National Honor Society Welcome back bears! Hope your weekend was a relaxing one! Anyways, NHS will be having our 4th meeting of the school year, and this one is one of the most exhilarating ones because we will be announcing our new officers! This meeting will be occurring in room 326 during Lunch today (Monday 15th)! Make sure to come by and keep up with our upcoming events and information. Medical Club Good Morning Life Savers! Medical Club will be hosting their fourth general meeting on Wednesday, November 21st during lunch in RM 610. Be sure to stop by! Activities MLK Contest The EAST SIDE UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 2020 DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. Student Writing, Art & Video Contest is here. STUDENTS WILL RESPOND TO the statement from Dr. MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech and produce a response in writing, art, or video that expresses how his sentiments are reflected in our community today. “This same road has opened for all Americans a new era of progress and hope … and it will, I am convinced, be widened and lengthened into a superhighway of justice.” Prizes 1st Place per site: $75 2nd Place per site: $50 Grand Prize (district level): $150 Check out the details at Warriors Got Talent Warriors Got Talent is just around the corner! Come by and invite your friends to watch the performances, participate in games, and enjoy food trucks this Friday on November 19th after school starting at 6 pm! The bank is now selling tickets for $5 during break and lunch! Christmas at YB Christmas is approaching, and you know what that means! YB is hosting their annual Christmas at YB on December 10th at 6 PM, where there will be a tree decorating competition for clubs and classes and exciting performances! All the trees will be displayed as a walkway for everybody to enjoy. Both forms for performances and tree decorating will be posted at 8 pm TONIGHT, and the deadline to sign up or drop out is November 22nd. Canned Food Drive YBHS' Canned food drive is still going on. If you have any canned goods please bring them to the ASB Room (Room 206). Any canned goods are appreciated because they will be going to low income families during the holiday season. PRIDE PRIDE represents our five Schoolwide Learner Outcomes and stands for Problem solvers, Resourceful collaborators, Innovative thinkers, Dedicated global citizens, and Effective communicators. Today's Schoolwide Learner Outcome tip is how to be problem solvers at school. Angry with someone, talk it out without resorting to violence! Don’t hide your Warrior PRIDE!

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