Dry edible fungi and wild vegetables are bulky and easy to be broken or mildewed during circulation and transportation, which reduces the grade of commodities.The processing technology of dry edible mushroom and wild vegetable compressed blocks breaks the traditional management mode of loose products and solves many problems existing in circulation and storage. The processed compressed blocks have the following characteristics: 1. Compared with loose raw materials, the volume of compressed blocks is reduced by 75%-88%, which not only saves transportation costs, but also facilitates storage and circulation; 2. The water recovery performance of raw materials and 2.There is no difference in rehydration status; (3) clean and impurity-free, no need to select after foaming, it can be used directly; (4) without any chemical additives, it can keep the original nutritional composition, color, flavor, shape and taste of the product unchanged, and can reach the AA grade green food standard; (5) exquisite packaging, improved commodity grade, can enter supermarkets, or export to generate foreign exchange, and increase economy.Benefit The shelf life is 3 years.This is a practical processing technology.The processing method is as follows. 1Process flow Material selection weeding moisture regain metering compression molding solid shape drying insecticidal eggs packaging storage. 2Key Technological Points (1) The quality of raw materials is the key to ensure the quality of commodities. Choosing highquality raw materials can not only improve the yield, but also reduce wastage and production costs. (2) After careful manual selection, impurities such as hair, weeds, wood, stones and other impurities in raw materials are removed, and inferior raw materials such as moth, discoloration, deterioration and crushing are picked up. (3) Material will be selected for moisture regain, and appropriate spray moisture regain, so that it will not break and shape well when compressed.According to different kinds of raw materials and their water content, the sprinkler quantity should be reasonably controlled.Spray water evenly, after spraying water, it will be stuffy for a while, making it uniformly damp. (4) According to the quality standard of the finished product block and the moisture content of the raw material, the feeding quantity is calculated.When weighing, it must be accurate to ensure that the quality error of finished products does not exceed the standard. (5) Compression moulding uses special equipment to determine the pressure and holding time according to the variety of raw materials and their moisture content.When the metered raw materials are put into the mould, attention should be paid to the uniform placement, so as to avoid the lack of edges and corners after forming, which will affect the perceptual standards of the products. (6) The product after solidification is easy to rebound, so it should be fixed with a solidifier.Separate each piece with a partition to prevent adhesion. (7) The dried eggs were dried by modern microwave technology to kill the parasitic eggs in raw materials.The solidifier with compression block is put into microwave oven in turn. After microwave heating, the solidifier is taken out and placed on the shelf to cool naturally. The solidifier is opened and packed. (8) Packing compressed blocks after drying, choosing products with complete block shape and smooth surface for packaging.Firstly, each small piece is packed with cellophane and packed in a small carton. Twenty small boxes are packed into one package carton, and then sealed with heat shrinkable film to prevent the products from damp deterioration during storage and transportation.Finally, they are packed in corrugated cartons for storage. (9) Storage should be well ventilated and moistureproof-proof, and should not be stored with toxic and harmful substances to prevent rodent damage. 3Product quality standards (1) The hygienic standard meets the stipulated standard of AA grade green food; (2) Standard sensory color, with the natural color of the variety; odor, with the odor and taste of the variety, no odor; appearance, complete block shape, smooth surface, compact structure; specifications, 6cm * 4cm * lcm; quality, 25 g < 3G per small piece.

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