Mid Warwickshire Youth Sunday Football League RULES FOR THE CUP COMPETITION b. 1. COMPETITION TITLE a. The competition shall be called “The Warwickshire Youth Junior Sunday Football League Cup Competition” and shall be played for each season and shall be confined to members of the League in age groups of u12-u18 and be played towards the end of the season, once the management committee are satisified that the league competition for the relevant age group will be completed. If the Competition is sponsored the name of the sponsor shall be used in the name of the Competition. The Management Committee, may organise a supplementary cup if time allows. Entry will be limited to those teams that played and lost their first-round match of the Cup Competition. Format of any cup competitions will be communicated to relevant age groups. 2. RULES a. Save as set out below, the Rules of the Warwickshire Youth Junior Sunday Football League will apply. The entire control and management of the Competition shall be vested in the Management Committee. Alterations, for which consent has been given by the sanctioning Association, shall be made to these Rules only at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting specially convened for the purpose called in accordance with SCORY 9. 3. SOUVENIRS a. Finalists will receive the following number of mementos u12-14 medals u13 and above 16 medals. b. c. In addition to the cups, shields or trophies, the League may present souvenirs to the players and substitutes in the final ties as follows; 4. Teams playing 9v9 Maximum 14 medals Teams playing 11v11 . Maximum 16 medals except ELIGIBLE CLUBS. a. Entry of Clubs is compulsory to all Clubs who have completed an application form to join the League & the entry fee shall be inclusive within the League’s annual fees. 1 b. Where a team withdraws from the League it shall be deemed to have withdrawn that team from the Cup competition. 5. ELIGIBLE PLAYERS a. Only players registered for a Club shall be eligible to play in the Competition. A player shall not in the same season play for more than one competing Club or team in both competitions. (even if the original team are subsequently withdrawn from the Competition), but the members of each respective team may be changed throughout the series of matches. Any team playing an unregistered or otherwise ineligible player, or players, will have a formal written charge issued against them as per SCORY 18. If found guilty that Club may be removed from the Competition. b. Players must have played at least 8 league games or been registered for 90 days to qualify to participate in cup/trophy events, To play in the semi-final and final ties, the player must have played at least 8 league games and 1 cup game for the team or been registered for 120 days. 6. THE DRAW a. All Cup matches will take precedence over League fixtures and must be played on the date specified. Non-fulfilment of a Cup fixture will result in the offending team forfeiting the game, DR 8 (b) does not apply to cup/trophy games 7. GROUNDS In each tie preceding the final, the game shall be played on the ground of the club first drawn. If the ground of the home team is unfit for play or unavailable due to pitch sharing with another team, the match must be moved to the opposition team’s ground if available. 8. EXTRA TIME a. No extra time b. If the scores are level, the match will be decided by kicks from the penalty spot. A series of five kicks from the penalty spot shall be taken by each team against the opponent’s goalkeeper with the teams taking alternate kicks. FIFA and FA Rules for penalty kicks shall apply and the Referee shall decide which goal is to be used. c. Should each team score the same number of goals in this series of kicks from the penalty spot then sudden death shall apply. 9. PROVISIONS FOR FINAL TIES. a. All clubs shall make their grounds available for final ties. All final ties will be played on grounds appointed by the Management Committee. Where Clubs provide the 2 grounds for the final ties then any costs incurred will be borne by that Club, but they shall be allowed to take any proceeds as approved by the Management Committee such as from a raffle or catering. They shall not be allowed to charge an entry fee. b. The Management Committee shall fix the grounds and dates for the final ties. The grounds will be appointed on suitability factors to host such games and will be announced as

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