Sunderland RCA Club Statement Following on from previous News Items and in view of recent changes in legislation, we would like to make clear how the club will be implementing its COVID – 19 policy on Match days with immediate effect.  Anyone entering the ground will not be permitted to stand or sit in a group of more than 6 people, anyone doing so will be asked to separate and maintain a distance of 2metre from other groups. Refusal to follow this will result in expulsion from the stadium.  Future fixtures are to be closely monitored by an external task force, they will be reporting directly to the council/ police/DFA any non compliance and they may remove offenders from the ground.  Please follow the one way system around the ground and the one way system to enter/exit the stadium. Stewards will be on hand to advise.  From Tuesday, 22 September 2020, we will not be able to sell drinks in the clubhouse as we currently cannot operate a table only service.  There will be a Burger Van on site to dispense food and hot/cold drinks.  Everyone entering the ground will be temperature tested, anyone recording a temperature of over 37.8 will not be allowed entry and will be advised to use 111 to check their symptoms.  We also have a Track and Trace system in operation and would encourage anyone coming to the ground to register with “EVEPASS” and download the App. Anyone not using “EVEPASS” will be requested to give their name and Telephone number to the steward stationed at the entrance.  The area between the Clubhouse entrance and the Home Dressing room entrance is closed to fans and we request that this area is kept clear.  Entry to the Ladies toilets is via the Clubhouse entrance into the Committee Room.  Please do not loiter outside of the clubhouse area.  When the match starts: PLEASE KEEP A DISTANCE OF 2METRES BETWEEN YOUR GROUP AND THE NEXT GROUP. There is plenty of space around the ground for supporters to remain socially distanced. We understand there are people who do not agree with the current restrictions, however, as a non league club with limited resources it is imperative that we implement our COVID – 19 plan as failure to follow the above will lead to the club being closed indefinitely and the suspension or cancellation of all non league football in the area. The club fully expect, given that our next match is an FA Cup match, to be visited by the local council, League representatives and the local police. We need to show that we have systems in place that create an environment that is safe for everyone entering the ground. It also gives confidence to the communities of Ryhope and Sunderland that non league football should be allowed to continue throughout this pandemic. We know it’s not going to be easy but with everyone’s help and support, we feel that if the new guidelines are adhered to then the season will be able to continue and our fantastic fans can continue to be entertained. We thank you in advance for your co-operation and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

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