Processing Procedures for Safety Accidents in Construction Projects I. Timely report of accidents After a casualty accident occurs at a construction site, the casualty or the person who first discovered the accident shall report the accident situation (including the number of casualties, the time, place and cause of the accident) to the head of the project management department or safety technicians of the unit. After receiving the report, the head of the unit shall report the accident to the people's government at or above the county level within one hour.Production supervision and management departments and relevant departments responsible for supervision and management of production safety report, and rescue the wounded and eliminate dangerous situations in an manner.According organized to the and seriousness directive of the accident and the situation of the construction site, the departments responsible for the supervision and management of production safety and the relevant departments responsible for the supervision and management of production safety shall notify and report to the public security organs, labor departments, trade unions, people's procuratorates and the competent authorities at higher levels by quick means, respectively. 2. Rescue the wounded quickly after the accident and protect the accident scene After the accident, we should take necessary measures to rescue the wounded and eliminate the dangerous situation quickly to prevent the spread of the accident.At the same time, in order to investigate the accident and find out the cause of the accident, we must protect the accident site.When it is necessary to move the objects on the scene because of rescuing the injured and eliminating danger, videos, photographs or sketches of the accident scene should be taken and marked.Because the accident scene is the main place for providing relevant material evidence and the indispensable objective condition for investigating the cause of the accident, it should be strictly protected.The position, color, shape, physical and chemical properties of various objects on site should be kept as far as possible when the accident happens.All measures must be taken to prevent the destruction of man-made or natural factors. Cleaning up the accident scene should be carried out after the investigation team confirms the completion of evidence collection at the scene, and with the consent of the superior labor safety supervision department, the competent industry department, the public security department and the trade union.It is not allowed to resume production under the pretext of cleaning up the site without authorization and destroying the site. 3. Organization of accident investigation team For general accidents, the accident investigation team shall be composed of the person in charge of the enterprise or its designated personnel to organize relevant personnel in production, technology, safety and other aspects, as well as members of the trade union.In case of major accidents, the accident investigation team composed of labor safety supervision, public security and trade unions of the city where the accident occurred (or equivalent to the city level with districts) shall investigate the accident.Major accidents shall investigation be teams investigated composed by of accident competent departments of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government or relevant competent departments of the State departments, Council, public together with labor security departments, supervision departments and trade unions at the same level.According to the nature of the accident, the people's Procuratorate may be invited to send personnel to participate in the appraisal, or relevant experts and engineers and technicians.However, those who have a direct interest in the accident may not participate in the accident investigation team. IV. FIELD EXPLORATION After the accident, the investigation team must go to the scene for investigation.Site investigation is a highly technical work, involving a wide range of scientific and practical experience. accidents must technological be Site timely, knowledge investigation and of comprehensive, meticulous and objective.The main contents of on- site investigat

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