SERMACS 2021 Technical Program For Workshops, Expo, Graduate Fair, Social Events and Meal events see the SERMACS 2021 Event Program Maps are at the end of the technical program WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center East Exhibit Hall 1 Biochemistry Poster Session J. Zhang, Organizer 1:00 - 3:00 2. Investigation of Protein Complexes Involved in the Activation of Methyl-coenzyme m Reductase. S. Yavari 3. Thermodynamics of the Competition Between Netropsin and AT-hook Peptides for AT-rich sites. T. Townsend, M. Fuenmayor Llanos, K.L. Buchmueller 4. Screening of EndoV variants as a tool for mapping A-to-I editing. A. Scott, S. Knutson, A. Quillin, J.M. Heemstra 5. Partial Formation of a Protein-based Cofactor in M. tuberculosis KatG and Its Impact on Catalysis. T. Aziz, D.C. Goodwin 6. Investigating the Interactions Between DNA Oligomers and Gemini Surfactants. E. Boatwright, A. Ginegaw, H. Nembaware, R.D. Sheardy 7. Probing Conformational Dynamics of GQ Formation in Varying Na+/K+ Ratios. A. Lacen, H. Lee 8. Expression, Purification, and Crystallization of a Putative Monooxygenase Key to Global Sulfur Cycling. H.C. Frohock, M. Culpepper, S. Bober 9. Testing the Methylation Ability of Mmp10, a New Radical SAM Methyltransferase. K. Clohan, N. Shao, W.B. Whitman, E.C. Duin 10. Allosteric Regulation of Human Epithelial 15-lipoxygenase-2. A. Ohler, E. Patel, A.R. Offenbacher 11. Role of Intrinsically Disordered Electronegative Clusters in RNA-binding Proteins. S.M. Zaharias, T. Fargason, Z. Zhang, T.M. Paul, J. Zhang 12. Ionic Liquid Loaded Nanoparticles to Deliver drug Candidates to Mammary Carcinomas. G.S. Dasanayake 13. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient-Ionic Liquid (API-IL) Drug Loaded Polymer Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery Applications.. G. Singh, E.E. Tanner 14. Characterization Initiation of Alternative Splicing: The Interaction of SR Proteins and the U1 Spliceosomal Complex. T.M. Paul, T. Fargason, s. jamal, Z. Zhang, J. Zhang 15. Biophysical Studies of Genomic West Nile virus RNA G-quadruplexes. T. Le, A. Paul, W. Wilson, M.W. Germann 16. Determining the Mechanistic Role of the A12.2 Subunit in the Kinetics of Multinucleotide Addition Catalyzed by RNA Polymerase I. K. Fuller, D. Schneider, A.L. Lucius 17. Using X-ray Structures to Probe the Molecular Properties of the Specific Binding of Heterocyclic Diamidines in AT-Rich DNA Sequences. E. Ogbonna, A. Paul, A. Kumar, a. Farahat, D.W. Boykin, W. Wilson 18. Determining the Role of Metal Ions in Inhibiting Topoisomerase IIα. K.R. Lyons, W. Medawala, E.C. Lisic, X. Jiang 19. Mechanistic insights into photochemical processes of a de novo designed artificial metallopeptide hydrogenase. S. Maliyam Parambath, A.E. Williams, L.A. Hunt, D. Selvan, N. Hammer, S. Chakraborty 20. Characterization of the substrate binding site for the poly(aspartic acid) hydrolase PahZ2 from Sphingomonas Sp. KT-1. A. Jansch, M. Weiland 21. Development of Spectroelectrochemical Techniques for Redox-Active Neurotransmitter Detection. P.A. Evans, B. Sharma 22. Synthesis and Cytotoxic Evaluation of 15-deoxy-Prostamide J 2 and Related Derivatives. D. Halatek, R. Van Dross, C. Burns 23. Crystallographic Examination of Inhibition by Diamidine Minor Groove Binders on the Transcription Factor PU.1. J. Terrell, A. Paul, G. Poon, W. Wilson 24. Observations and Conformational Changes of Zinc Dependent AdcR by Structurally Inspired Inhibitors. A. Cutright, J. Emerson 25. Role of Outer-Sphere H-bond Donation on the 3-Mercaptopropionic Acid Dioxygenase (3MDO) Transition State. A. Schmittou, N. York, M. Lockart, B.S. Pierce 26. Analysis of Microbial Colonization Patterns of Forensically Important Flies. C. Huhn, S. Bucheli 27. Analysis of Green Fluorescent Protein using Polarized Resonance Synchronous Spectroscopy. K.R. Carter, S. Stokes, D. Zhang, J. Emerson 28. Insights into the Local Structural Impact of Neighboring Nucleotides in Duplex DNA. S.T. Brenden, M.W. Germann 29. Investigating the Production and Biosynthesis of Coenzyme F 430 Variants in Methanogenic Archaea. K. Boswinkle, K. Allen 30. A suicide diiron oxygenase in p-aminobenzoate biosynthesis in Chlamydia trachomatis. R.S. Wooldridge, K. Allen 31. Ribonucleotide damage near a replication fork. Enzymatic and structural consequences. S.T. Brenden, R.M. Brosh, M.W. Germann 32. Stimuli-responsive Nucleic acid Activation via Catalyzed Glyoxal Decaging. D. Karloff, A. Sanford, S. Knutson, J.M. Heemstra 33. Elucidation of

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