LIFE GROUP STUDY – PALM SUNDAY – 10/04/2022: JOHN 20:1-31 Read John 20:1-31 1. How would you explain to a non-believer about why belief in the resurrection of Jesus is essential to the Christian faith? 2. Why is it peculiar (and significant) that the first people to witness the empty tomb and the risen Jesus are women? 3. Why is it important that Jesus returns to the Father? 4. Is doubt necessarily a bad thing for believers to experience? Explain your answer by referencing Thomas. 5. Three times Jesus says to the disciples “peace be with you” – what is the significance of this greeting? 6. Why is Thomas confession in v 28 so astounding? 7. Every sermon in Acts speaks of Jesus’ resurrection, but not every sermon in Acts talks about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. How can we focus on the resurrection more? 8. In what ways should the reality of Jesus’ resurrection shape our lives? 1

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