Let’s Count in Celtic Languages! Cornish Onan (onan) Dew (dow) Tri (tree) Peswar (pezwar) Pymp (pimp) Hwegh (hu-way) Seyth (sayth) Welsh Un (een) Dau (die) Tri (tree) Pedwar (pedwah) Pump (pimp) Chwech (ch-we-ch) Saith (sigh-th) Scottish Gaelic Aon (eun) Dha (ghah) Tri (tree) Ceithir (kay-here) Coig (co-ig) Sia (shee-a) Seachd (share-eck) Irish Gaelic Aon (een) Do (doh) Tri (tree) Ceathair (kay-her) Cuig (coo-ig) Se (shay) Seacht (shatte) Manx Nane (nerne) Jees (gees) Tree (tree) Kiare (kee-air) Queig (queg) Shey (shay) Shiaght (sha) Breton Unan (oonan) Daou (dow) Tri (tree) Pevar (peh-va) Pemp (pemp) C’hwec’h (hoo-we-gh) Seizh (says)

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